Danganronpa 2.5 Ending
  • Komaeda: *hugs Fuyuhiko and Souda*
  • Fuyuhiko: I thought the gay moments were supposed to be with Hinata.
  • Komaeda: Damn right they are.
  • Hajime: So are you coming, Love?
  • Then they all go and save the others. Komaeda has a gay moment with Naegi. Hajime chooses Komaeda over ghost Nanami. And KOMAHINA is canon. Except that last part isn't actually true... But then again nothing proves it's not.

And then, during the night, Hajime mistakenly eats a few more of those flirtatious heat-shaped cookies because it’s late and he doesn’t have the patience to make a full meal for himself. So, he inevitably feels horny, especially after a steamy shower and a few drinks at the bar because it was a long day at the journalist office.

He stumbles into Nagito’s room half-drunk and half-horny, lookin’ for some sweet sugah from Nagito, who was awake and hella confused that suddenly sweet n’ nice Hajime got so bold and downright naughty. Suddenly, he felt Hajime’s hands fumbling around the groin of his jeans and belt, warm lips at his collarbone and wet tongue on his neck, and the bitter stench of alcoholic breath assaulting his nose. Oh yeah, he’s drunk.

It takes almost all of Nagito’s wits and patience to outlast Hajime’s persistance until the sedative effects of the alcohol kick in. They eventually do, but now Nagito has another problem–Hajime stumbled forward to Nagito but wound up passed out on the floor and entirely too heavy for Nagito to carry to his own room. In fact, it was challenging enough for Nagito to lift Hajime from the floor and tuck him into his bed. At least he’s sleeping on something more comfortable…and–Nagito very briefly rests his hand on Hajime’s chest and ear near his nose–breathing, good.

It felt odd to have his love interest settled into his bed at this point in their relationship. They weren’t dating yet, but boy, Nagito was planning to make that a reality soon. He makes for the door and puts out the light; he figures that if Hajime woke up alone in Nagito’s room, it would be a lot less awkward then if he found Nagito sleeping right next to him. However, Nagito doesn’t even get to close the door on his way to Hajime’s room before he gets a realization–Hajime had been drinking and there’s a good possibility that he could get sick or worse–

Sharply yet quietly, Nagito reenters his room, gently eases the door shut and cautiously climbs into bed next to Hajime. He makes sure that there was a clearly discernible space between the two as to not cause Hajime too much alarm or even embarrassment from sharing a bed with another boy. He waits in the dark to fall asleep–paying extra attention to Hajime’s steady rhythm of breathing and wondering what would happen the next day.

Haha, he hopes Hajime won’t be too angry or ashamed.


I always thought it was a lie but Junko really loved her classmates

“Enoshima loves her classmates from DR1. I wanted to write more of that. All of the DR2 characters are small fry to her. She just brainwashed them all at once, like, I don’t even friggin’ know these guys! But she deliberately let the DR1 crew survive and turn the school into a shelter so that she could make her classmates kill each other. It’s like, the more she loves someone, the more she wants to treasure their mutual killing, and so I want to try writing a story like, “They’re my classmates, so I want to treasure their despair at my hands.”