komaeda tho

Friendly reminder

When Junko tried to kill Izuru

He stepped on her like stepping on trash

When Mukuro tried to kill Izuru

He bitch slapped her as if she was a small fly

When “this guy” tried to kill Izuru

This’s what “this guy” got (look hurt af and he died. Not Izuru’s faul tho)

When Komaeda tried to kill Izuru

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*gently put hand around Ko’s waist*

*gently took Ko’s gun*

*whispered to him*

Shot through Komaeda’s heart

See the difference  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*Edit: Komaeda said he loved Hinata’s sleeping hope, didn’t he? Izuru’s (former) SHSL Hope and he’s “sleeping” inside Hinata at that moment. It makes sense now.

You know what I noticed about the Komaeda OVA? There was no mention or appearance of Nanami (save for the little silhouette during the flashback to Ko’s death). Now, I understand that there’s way more evidence that Komaeda has feelings for Hinata, and one of the most painful things for him to remember is Hinata’s smile, but the complete absence of Nanami also says something. Considering that she doesn’t appear at all, distorted or otherwise, this could mean that the absolute most painful thing for Komaeda to remember was Nanami. Her memory was so painful that he just blocked her out altogether to spare him the pain. At least with Hinata, he saw some resemblance of Hinata’s face, it’s just that it was distorted. But he didn’t remember Nanami at all, which means that she’s an even more painful memory to bring up. Now, I’m not saying that Komanami is canon here over Komahina, but I’m saying that Komaeda may have cared for Nanami to some strong level that you have to admit that even platonic Komanami could be canon.

recently i’ve been getting notifs for my old komamiki fics and i suddenly felt very nostalgic

it’s been soooo long since i’ve posted anything komamiki but going through the tag a little made me miss my bbies :’) so here’s a doodle of a howl’s moving castle au with komamiki

i’m so happy to see that the tag is full of non-negative stuff… tho i am a bit eh about tsumiki getting the short end of the stick again

“oH, you get love for it,
You get hate for it,
You get nothing if you wait for it
Wait for it

I’m obsessed by both Danganronpa and Hamilton (save me pls, it has been like two or three months already) so I make Komaeda and Hinata dressed as Hamilton and Burr,

don’t ask me why

tis here