So far, so good || Koltya

It had been days. More than Kol had anticipated, but somehow it’d been at the very least a month since he’d last seen Batya. His phone had been lost and he could almost guarantee that she’d be fuming and most likely want to break up with him on sight, but he had to see her regardless. Most unlike the Original vampire Kol was, all he could feel was the butterflies that surrounded his stomach. He was nervous. More nervous than he had been ever before in his thousand years, yet somehow he was able to keep his confidence and remain level-headed as he drove to Batya’s house.

It was only a drive of a few minutes, but it seemed to drag on and on. On the way, all he could think of the possible scenarios that were possible. Would she be happy to see him? Or angry? Maybe even both. The most exciting thing with Batya was that Kol could never really predict what was going to happen and when he tried to, it was always completely different to reality. Maybe it was Batya, maybe she was just unpredictable. Or maybe it was Kol, maybe he expected to little from her.

Finally when the blonde’s house came into view, Kol pulled up and hesitantly left the car. He approached the door, his hands shaking as they reached up for knocker which he knocked. Then, he stood. Waiting.