Euch Sterblichen von morgen
    Prophezeih ich heut und hier:
      Bevor noch das nächste Jahrtausend beginnt,
       Ist der einzige Gott, dem jeder dient,
          die unstillbare Gier! 

                                                                                      Rostislav Kolpakov as Krolock 
                                                                                 photos by Ekaterina Shevchenko


AFTER LIKE YEARS I made a music vid for my fav musical ever (AND I FINALLY GOT TO SEE TDV IN MUNICH IN NOVEMBER AHHHH!) Hoping to make more with better software in the future! <3 


Jekyll & Hyde Russia - Rostislav Kolpakov, Natalia Dievskaya 

I love how physical and energetic Rostik is in this role!

*If you are epileptic, please do not watch this. I say this with your safety in mind.

Grace Bol for Philip Treacy designs photographed by Alexey Kolpakov for Interview Russia, March 2015.


The Patomskiy Crater  

Discovered by geologist Vadim Kolpakov in 1949 during an expedition through Siberia, this large mound of limestone is situated within dense woodland and is approximately 160 metres wide x 40 metres high. To this day, the presence of the crater remains one of the world’s strangest unsolved mysteries.

Prior to his travels, Kolpakov was warned by the local Yakut people of an evil place deep in the forests knows as “Fire Eagle Nest” that made people sick and even the wildlife avoided. It was claimed that some individuals had inexplicably disappeared within proximity of it. However, ignorant to superstition, Kolpakov proceeded onwards and subsequently came across the giant crater. Described as the size of “a 25 storey building,” it was determined that the huge structure resembled a volcano mouth, but Kolpakov knew that there had been no volcanoes in the area for at least a few million years. This crater looked relatively newly formed, estimated by Kolpakov to be around 250 years old, a suggestion somewhat confirmed by later studies of nearby tree growth. Interestingly, the trees also seemed to have undergone a period of accelerated growth similar to that seen in the forests around Chernobyl.

Following its discovery, a variety of speculations surfaced regarding what could have caused the crater to emerge. Some people, including Kolpakov, have proposed that it might have been formed by an outer space meteorite colliding with the ground, although it has been acknowledged that the crater does not resemble any other existing meteorite sites. Others are convinced that it was a volcano, whereas there is also the belief that there is a UFO hidden underneath the ground in that spot. In 2005, another expedition was carried out with the intention of uncovering any potential answers, but the leader of this venture died unexpectedly of a heart attack just a short distance away from the crater’s location. Suddenly the locals’ claims of an evil presence seem a lot more believable.