koln germany

18. - 19. 4. 2017

I’m not really good at this “writing everyday” thing. Please forgive me. 

The lectures finally started. I found every seminar room I was supposed to be in, kudos to me. The first seminar I had was with a doctoral student, who is teachnig Biotechnology in 21st century English Literature. She was very well prepared, I always appreciate that in a teacher.German uni students (undergrads at least, this was an undergrad course but I can take it) are just like Czech students. Very shy, reluctant to speak even if they know the answer, not really wanting to give presentations in front of the whole class of 30 people. The teacher asked us, what do we like more, whether solitary work, group discussions or presentations - she is going to model the seminar according to that, which is absolutely incredible. back home I cannot choose. Of course you have to learn the speaking skills somewhere but they let you choose - it is your responsibilty to acquire these skills, they’ll give you space and then it is your work. If you want to give presentation and be active at seminars, you can. If not, you are not forced. We’ll be dealing with biotechnology, genetic engineering and its ethical/religious/social/cultural/economical/you name it aspects in three novels and some secondary literature.

There is something like a little pond connecting one of the semina building and the library. There are 4 ducks and a heron. A HERON. In the middle of a city.

Then I had a first lecture on Australian Studies. Back home I already Aboriginal Filmmakers but I was curious about how they will teach the topic here. The lecture series is very interesting because there will be lecturers from biology, anthropology, geography and history departments as well as from the english department so we will get to see the issues from seberal different perspectives. This is a really clever project and exactly what should be done everywhere - you have to look at issues from different angles and different positions to get a complete picture.

From the balcony of building 105.

The last seminar on Tuesday was 200 years of American Crime. If you know me for a longer time, yu may remember that I used to be a Fannibal blog and I wrote a thesis on NBC Hannibal. I love crime fiction. And this semester I’ll be doing all these sociopaths and psychopats and hard boiled detective and people on the edge and noir… If you are a Sherlock fan (BBC Cumberbatch/Freeman version), read Murders in Rue Morgue by Edgar Allan Poe and guuuurllll….. Doyle probably just took it and copied it. The homosocial/sexual tension is on the second page. You’ll like it and it’s really short. It is basically Sherlock but in Paris instead of London.
Everyone wanted a fixed spot in this class. There we 90 ppl in a room with 40 seats. We sat on the floor, the heating and the windowsills. Adventure.

Building 105. What is this style called? Do you know?

I have a course on Rural America in Hollywood cinema at 8am. That means I have to get up at 5:30 if I want a breakfast. I boarded the 7am train successfully. The train got a defect. I had to change trains. The other train took a detour and I got lost. I managed to come to the seminar 15 minutes late. I never go late anywhere. Honestly, I spent the next 90 minutes deeply ashamed of myself.
In the afternoon, I had a seminar on Chuck Palahniuk. Not only do I love his books but I also met him last year and I found out he is a very cool, chill person. very straightforward, no bullshit around, but really nice if you approach him. Our lecturer is a huge Palahniuk fanboy so it makes the seminar even more interesting.
In the evening my friend and I held a “floor meeting”. In the dorms, 9 ppl are using one kitchen and 4 bathrooms. It was a ttaly mayham, nobody knew how many are using which bathroom, the kitchen ws dirty as hell. i could not live like that. Surprisingly, all the neighbours came and we all agreed that we have to do a deep clean and then keep it clean. I thought we will argue… but now, everyone was responsible, agreed that this is also their problem and we agreed to meet on Friday to clean together before we go to the dorm party.


“Container building”

Building 106.