kollywood movies

K o l l y w o o d   C h a l l e n g e 

All are welcome to join this challenge! There are no specific requirements as to what you got to make or what software you are to use. You can make anything you want to answer the questions listed below from GIFs, photosets, collages etc. It’s completely up to you how you would like to take on this challenge! 

The rules:

  • Answer each question in order starting with the first one.
  • There’s no deadline.
  • There’s no requirement as to how often you do this challenge (although doing one everyday would be pretty cool), its ultimately up to you!
  • Reblog this post (so I can keep up with people who are taking on this challenge, I’d love to see the different answers we all come up with)!
  • Please mention this challenge in your posts when answering the questions.

Inspiration: x (credit to the wonderful Malika from nimbooda for inspiring me; for you bollywood lovers check out her challenge!)


  1. First Kollywood movie you ever saw
  2. Movie containing your favorite cinematography 
  3. Favorite bromance
  4. A character you’d love to be best friends with
  5. Best onscreen jodi (couple)
  6. Best offscreen jodi
  7. Favorite classical dance number
  8. Favorite “modern” dance number
  9. Favorite kollywood song remake/remix
  10. A scene that made you cry
  11. A scene that made you laugh
  12. Latest kollywood movie that you saw and liked
  13. Funniest movie you saw
  14. Most underrated movie
  15. Most overrated movie
  16. Your dream cast in your “dream” movie
  17. Favorite sad song
  18. Favorite item song
  19. Movie containing the best costumes
  20. The movie you didn’t finish
  21. Most boss female character
  22. Most underrated star
  23. Favorite “era” of movies
  24. Cutest smile
  25. Overall favorite director
  26. A favorite actor of yours
  27. A favorite actress of yours
  28. Favorite song
  29. Favorite mother onscreen
  30. Favorite father onscreen
  31. Favorite feel good movie
  32. Favorite movie from childhood
  33. Favorite on screen jodi from your childhood
  34. Favorite song from childhood
  35. Favorite rain song
  36. Favorite comedian
  37. A character that made you so frustrated/annoyed
  38. A movie of your choice with an alternate cast
  39. An actress you wish would return to acting in kollywood movies/act in more kollywood movies
  40. An actor you wish would return to acting in kollywood movies/act in more kollywood movies
  41. Favorite Song Lyrics

If you have any questions about the challenge please feel free and do not hesitate to ask me on my ask page!

Here you can find my answers to the challenge questions.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and have fun! 

Last 2-3 Industry Hit films of various South Indian languages


1. Enthiran - Superstar Rajinikanth 
2. Sivaji : The Boss (All India Hit) - Superstar Rajinikanth
3. Chandramukhi - Superstar Rajinikanth


1. Sarathi - Darshan
2. Power - Puneeth Rajkumar
3. Maanikya - Sudeep


1. Drishyam - Mohanlal
2. Premam - Nivin Pauly
3. Bangalore Days - Dulquer & Nivin


1. Baahubali - Prabhas
2. Attarintiki Daredi - Pawan Kalyan
3. Magadheera - Ram Charan