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You've watched Jeans oh MY GOD. Do you. Remember the musical scene during which a guy came out wearing a mobile phone costume for no reason. Bc I do and sometimes I remember it and it makes me BURST OUT LAUGHING LMAO. Also the scene with the neon skeletons was iconic tbh

jeANS IS SO WIL D yes I remember that and I was just like ???WHY ??? 

and the sKELETON DANCE SCEN E … gO D ,, also there’s that dude studying “”animation”” but he like ??? ? animates 3D stuff onto thin air like ?? wHAT 

 I showed that movie to my gf and I’m very sure she’s still horribly confused abt it ,, she does agree that it’s oddly enjoyable tho, and the songs are all bops (also Aishu in that movie with that Indian shy girl aes and the gLASSES can kill me) 

i’ve watched that movie like .. . well, well over two hundred times bc as a toddler i’d refuse to eat without watching it at least once a day ??? ?


finals motivation south style 
requested by anieliza (sorry I seriously lack in the creativity, wit, humour and non-cheesy motivation departments)


happy birthday sukumari (6.10.1940 - 23.3.2013)
gone but never forgotten 

Malayalam cinema actress Sukumari holds the world record for acting in the most movies. Likewise Jagathy Sreekumar holds the world record for actor who has acted in the most movies #malayalislaying