Anushka as Devasena 😍😍😍😍


song aesthetics: maruvaarthai pesaadhey for enai noki paayum thota

விழிநீரும் வீணாக
இமைத்தாண்டக் கூடாதென

துளியாக நான் சேர்த்தேன்
கடலாகக் கண்ணானதே

why do we not talk about 7am arivu more I mean:

  • Bechedel test pass
  • Scientist girl, is a POC 
  • Science and religion go hand in hand
  • Remember our history and maybe the future won’t be such a mystery
  • Our ancestors were smarter and better than us
  • That doesn’t mean we can’t bring it back
  • SCIENCE that’s actually very viable 
  • The consequence of forgetting our past
  • Actually useful and accurate heroine, who is dynamic and rounded
  • If you take out the love story the movie still works
  • A social message movie that isn’t second half heavy, still very masala-esque 
  • Discrimination based on language, age 
  • The point is made without one of Suriya’s angry faces
  • just. this. movie. 
  • Also songs & fight scenes are on point
  • High heeled karate lady
elvárni a világtól ,hogy mindenki becsületes legyen és igazságosan bánjon veled ,mert te jó szívű vagy , pont olyan ,mint elvárni az oroszlántól ,hogy ne egyen meg , mert te sem eszed meg őt , egyszerűen őrültség..

the kollywood “music these days is garbage” rebuttal playlist • for the #oldisgold believers who think we can’t do melodies, ‘good’ lyrics or  carnatic styled music but we can do that and more

thoovanam (romeo juliet) // yaarumilla (kaaviyathalaivan) //  kadhal kan kattuthey (kaaki sattai) // malargal ketten (ok kanmani) // uyirn uyire (thaandavam) // un vizhigalil (maan karate) // unai kaanathu naan (vishwaroopam) // pookal pookum (madrasapattinam) // netru naan (jeeva) // kannakul pothi vaipen (thirumanam enum nikkah) // pookale satru oivedungal (I) // vaya en veera (kanchana 2) // oru paathi kathavu (thaandavam) // kaathalaam kadavul mun (uthamavillain) // anantha yaazhai (thangameengal)