Got around to registering with LOCATE this morning (a British governmental service where you register your info so they can offer you better/quicker help if disaster strikes).

Written in my diary to be completed this week:

- Take a photo and send it to the ID card guys at KU.

- Register for modules (beening meaning to do it for a month now - oops).

- Pay first half of the rent and the deposit for my place at Bispebjerg.

There’s still so much to do, and really not that much time before I go.  Eek.


More photos of the college where I’ll be living.  The photos are not mine (obviously, as I haven’t been yet) so please click through to see the Flickr pages.

The college from outside at night:

External image

A student’s room:

External image

External image

En-suite wetroom style bathroom:

External image


External image