a couple years after i graduate someone is gonna tell me that college was for perfecting a predetermined skill set of the college student’s choice for occupational necessity and not for exploring seemingly impractical interests for the potential they might have for education and/or personal growth and then i’m gonna laugh and laugh until they’re dead then then i’m gonna laugh and play hopscotch in front of the crypt that holds their corpse

so i’m taking this women’s leadership course at school and everything i’ve learned so far in the class has been taught to me first via tumblr. most of the time i’m just sitting there thinking “yo i learned this last night right before i watched some porn brush ya shoulders off gimme a refund”.

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Deutsches "Cheeky Nando's"? Here you go. Es is mitten inner nacht, deine Freunde und du komm gerade ausm Club und ihr habt richtig bock auf geiles essen. Sagt dein Kollege Alex: Ey, lass ma megges. Und Achmet so: Alter ne, lass Döner und dann so Schmit: Jo, lass döner essn, geht auf mich. und du so ja man, bester, geil lass ma fett geilen döner essen. und dann landet ihr am dönerladen mit der gerät.