Kollegal Ground Gecko  (Forest Spotted Gecko)

Geckoella collegalensis (Gekkonidae) is a species of gecko reported from India and Sri Lanka.

The Kollegal ground gecko was described in 1870 by a British Colonel R.H. Beddome based on one gecko from the foothills of Biligiriranga Hills (BR Hills), near Yelandur, Karnataka. 

This gecko had been considered a rare species. These photos were taken in a survey conducted in 2013 by Ishan Agarwal, and could be the one of the first live Geckoella collegalensis observed by a scientist after over 143 years.

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Photo credit: ©Ishan Agarwal | [Top][Bottom]

Locality: Male Mahadeshwara Hills, Kollegal, Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, India

College board charged me $40 to send my SAT scores electronically and weeks later my application status says the school has not yet received my scores. 


college apps are getting outrageous, my sister practically went broke applying to schools this fall. How on earth is she supposed to pay for tuition and -don’t even get me started on ‘fees’.  How come my tuition is less that 1k at a state school but the non-specified fees hike it up to just over 5k. That is unreal. 

a couple years after i graduate someone is gonna tell me that college was for perfecting a predetermined skill set of the college student’s choice for occupational necessity and not for exploring seemingly impractical interests for the potential they might have for education and/or personal growth and then i’m gonna laugh and laugh until they’re dead then then i’m gonna laugh and play hopscotch in front of the crypt that holds their corpse

Es soll ein Buch geben...

…meinte gestern mein langjähriger Kollege Michael B. Von Beruf ist er Texter und Innovator bei seinem eigenen kleinen Startup, hat also Ahnung und einen guten Riecher dafür, was funktionieren kann.

Er meinte, es sollte “Facebook für Frauen” heißen und er würde es lektorieren. Ich meinte es könnte auf meinem Booklet “Marketing mit Facebook” basieren. Das habe ich im Sommer geschrieben. 

Jetzt hab ich es ihm mal mitgegeben und er wird es sich ansehen. Sind sicher eine Menge Tippfehler drin. Ich bin schon gespannt, was er dazu meint und wie rot er es anmalen wird!

Kennt Ihr das nervöse Warten auf Korrekturen auch? Ich freue mich auf Eure Anregungen und Kommentare!