Thin Line

A Kolermy Drabble

A/N: Wrote this as if it occurred during the 4x10 episode of TVD. Slightly AU I suppose, but mostly canon. Also kind of a part 2 to this dabble.

Dedicated to Olivia, because she will probably appreciate it the most.

It didn’t take Kol long to find him. Humans were so dull and predictable. They liked being in safe places. Familiar places. Places that reminded them of home and happy times. Kol had remembered Jeremy mentioning this cabin by the lake one night back in Denver. One of those fond childhood memories told during pillow talk between kisses and caresses. A rare moment of intimacy for Kol, and one that he was not–at the moment–regretting.

Jeremy sat by the camp fire, staring into the crackling flames as if they held some mystical answer or advice for him to discover. The light shimmered across the curves of his muscled arms. Kol didn’t remember Jeremy looking so–what was the word–strapping, when last they met. The Jeremy he met in Denver, while attractive, still held some of that boyhood innocence that Kol was only too happy to relieve him of during their secret trysts. Now he was all man, with a stoic gaze that made him look like he had lived almost as many lifetimes as Kol.

A branch cracked under Kol’s foot and Jeremy’s gaze snapped up. It had been purposeful. Kol was a careful spy. He was letting Jeremy know of his presence.

Jeremy’s eyes widened a fraction as the identity of his vistor registered. 

“You’re back,” Jeremy said, his voice sounding deeper than Kol recalled. There was something in that statement, relief mixed with trepidation, that caused Kol’s blood to rush in excitement. It wasn’t the reason he came to see Jeremy but…

“What are you doing here?” The question was hard, masking any emotion that Jeremy had let slip a moment ago.

“You know why I’m here,” Kol said, “hunter.”

Jeremy could feel the hunter’s rage inside of him. The instinctual nerve-wracking impulse to jump forward and attack. The hate was swelling within him now, fresh off another vampire kill and bloodthirsty for more.

“I can’t have anyone going after that cure,” Kol said.

“And why is that?”

“Because,” Kol replied, “the risk it too great. None of you, even Niklaus, realize what you are messing with.” Klaus did know, that was the most irritating part. He thought himself invincible. His brother and his stupid ego was going to get them all killed.

“Well then,” Jeremy said, his back straightening, “let’s end this right now.”

“You know I can’t kill you.” Kol smirked. There were consequences to killing a hunter. Kol didn’t know whether to be thankful or annoyed about that.

“I guess you’re out of luck then.”

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kolmiklson asked:


  • who cooks normally?: Stefan; his Italian roots demand it. But after a few years he starts teaching Klaus how to cook too. They start off together - Klaus is totally uncomfortable in a kitchen as he’s used to compelling humans/other vampires to doing shit around his home - but after a few months he relaxes and Stefan just watches with a smug smile as Klaus makes his favourite dish with ease like a total pro. 
  • who uses all the hot water: They usually share baths and showers to conserve water but otherwise it would be Stefan.
  • most trivial thing they fight over: Caroline. Klaus is possessive and Stefan is easily jealous. Klaus doesn’t like that Caroline can put a smile on Stefan’s face so easily and Stefan gets paranoid whenever he sees her with Klaus. That problem is easily solved with a round of (unusually) slow, passionate sex to convince the other they’re still in love.
  • who does most of the cleaning: Klaus tries at first but after a while he gives up on picking up after his husband and just compels a few maids.
  • who leaves their stuff around: Stefan. He is still a teenager after all.
  • who remembers to buy the milk: Stefan - at the most inopportune moments. They’ll be arguing on the phone and he’ll suddenly yell at Klaus to pick up some milk before hanging up.
  • who remembers anniversaries: Both. Klaus patiently waits for the day Stefan forgets something but he’s always remembers.
  • how often do they fight?: Pretty much all the time, but it often ends in a round of rough/violent sex. The worst it’s ever got is the time Stefan pushed Klaus so far that he got his neck snapped. When he came around Klaus had tears in his eyes and Stefan spent the next week trying to convince the suddenly self-loathing hybrid that he forgave him. This actually happened twice; the second time he wasn’t so forgiving and moved back in with Damon for a week.
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Klaus gets edgy so distracts himself with drawing - he once filled an entire sketchbook with sketches of Stefan’s face, body, hands, etc - and Stefan broods. A lot. Sometimes writes about how much he misses Klaus in his diary.
  • nicknames for each other?: For Klaus: Klausy, Nik, Hybrid Dick. For Stefan: Broody Lover, Stef, Rippah.
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Klaus.
  • who steals the covers at night?: Stefan. Easily fixed if they keep their bodies close together.
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: Klaus would draw or paint something important to him. Perhaps a painting of Damon, Stefan and their mother before she passed. Sage reading Damon & Rebekah’s minds proves it’s possible so Klaus would most likely dive into Damon’s memories to get an idea of what they all looked like. Stefan would give Klaus one of his journals. The hybrid would think it’s realllllllllly dumb at first and be like ‘wtf is this’ but then he’d open it and realise it was Stefan’s account of their time together; an extra journal full of entries he’d kept separate from his 'official’ 1922 diary. It pretty much explains the story of Stefan falling in love with Klaus in Chicago from his point of view which is something he hasn’t shared with anyone.
  • who kissed who first?: Stefan to remove a smug look from Klaus’ face. It escalated fast.
  • who made the first move?: Neither has an interest in personal space. That + the smug looks = Stefan making the first move to ease the sexual tension since his youth has made him less patient than Klaus.
  • who remembers things?: 
  • who started the relationship?: Stefan. He’s sentimental enough to want the 'boyfriend’ label to want to make it official. He’s also the one who proposes giving a short but sweet speech about how Klaus will always be a king to him.
  • who cusses more?: Neither do it much but Stefan does it a little bit more.
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Depends on how hurt. Klaus would carry Stefan away to a safe place where he could heal and once he looked like he was going to be okay Klaus would go on a murder rampage to find and kill whoever did it. If Klaus were hurt Stefan wouldn’t leave his side.

[Part 1] – Rebekah hires Elena to be Elijah’s Personal Assistant

[Part 2] – Elena’s finally a writer and Elijah had a new personal assistant only she seems to like Elijah a little too much

[Part 3] – Hayley is determined to make Elena’s life miserable so Elena decides it’s time to let her know who’s in charge

It had been almost seven months since Elena started working there and almost five since Elijah feel in love with his assistant.  Fell in love with his very much taken assistant.  He comes every Wednesday at Elena’s lunch break like clockwork.  He comes to her desk, they flirt, Elena packs up, and then they leave.  Elijah doesn’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that he seems to make her so happy.  Elena is always in a better mood when she comes back and it’s like a knife to his chest.

“Couldn’t you be any more obvious?” Kol teased flopping down in Elijah’s chair.  “Glaring daggers into that poor boy.”

Elijah tried to keep his face blank but a growing smirk on Kol’s face made it clear he was failing.

“What are you doing here?” Elijah hissed in question.

“Can’t I just come to visit my brother?  Take him out for lunch?” Kol feigned innocence.

“On a Wednesday?” Elijah retorted.

“Wednesday?  Today is Wednesday?” Kol gasp.  “I didn’t know.”

Elijah opened his mouth to say something rather unprofessional and unbecoming when the elevator door opened to reveal the young man Elijah had grown to despise.

“I can see why Elena likes him that boy is gorgeous.”  Kol’s eyes dragged over him even at this distance.

“Kol,” Elijah warned.

“What?  Don’t be a hypocrite.  I can look.”  Kol waved him off.

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about.”  Elijah tensed.

Kol was out of the chair and by Elena’s desk before he could even blink.

“You heading out to lunch as well?” Kol managed to sound completely innocent and genuinely curious.  The bastard.

“I am.”  Elena began packing up her things.  “Please tell me you’re here to drag Elijah out of the office for some lunch?”

“I am.”  Kol nodded.

“Elena, you ready to go?” the young man asked.

“Just about,” Elena confirmed.

“Hello there.  I’m Kol Mikaelson.”  He held out his hand.

The boy smiled brightly.  “Jeremy Gilbert.”

“Gilbert?  Please tell me you’re her brother,” Kol replied.

“I am,” Jeremy informed him.

Kol’s smile grew wider.  “Well in that case.”  Kol reached into his pocket pulling out his card.  Grabbing one of Elena’s pens he scribbled something down on the back before tucking it in one of Jeremy’s pockets.  “Call me.”

Jeremy blushed but continued to smile.  “Okay.”

“Come on Jer.”  Elena grabbed his arm.  “Don’t let him fool you.  He’s devious.”

“Oh Elena dear so mean!” he shouted after her.  He waited until the elevator doors shut before turning to Elijah.  “Now since it looks like you owe me it looks like you’re paying for lunch.”

Elijah frowned.  More for show than anything else.  After all Kol was right he did owe him.  Jeremy was Elena’s brother.