There was a 15th Anniversary Law GLM figure on Mandarake but someone nabbed it before I could ;A; Kolektakon said they were going to have them but I’ve been checking everyday for like two weeks and they still don’t have them. I’m going to go crazy if I can’t get my hands on this figure soon.

Edit: Nevermind! My favorite shop on Rakuten finally got them AND they have the Doflamingo one!!!! *cries tears of joys* This is my first figure purchase all month too.


Excellent Model Portrait.Of.Pirates One Piece Sailing Again Trafalgar Law Ver.2 - MegaHouse (PVC Figure)

Law is back yet again in the Portrait.Of.Pirates series, new and improved, wearing his current outfit. Disguise and all.

Now available for pre-order at kolektakon.com



NARUTO Uzumaki Naruto 1/6 Scale - Gecco (PVC Figure)

NARUTO from NARUTO SHIPPUDEN recreated as a high quality 1/6-statue. By interchanging the heads, arms and toes, he poses in various ways such as fist bump with a friendly look, attack mode with forming hand seals and holding a kunai, Nine Tails Naruto, and more. All his facial expressions have been carefully sculpted to show the emotion of grown-up ninja, grinning, stern and rage. The statue features a detailed costume capturing every wrinkle and texture, an indicator of the craftsmanship of this masterpiece.

Now available for pre-order at kolektakon.com: https://kolektakon.com/product/111