Greetings from China! @queen_kta was out there handling Biz a few weeks ago and look what she had on!!:) “The Higher the Heel, The Better I Feel” #JazminesHouse where the pretty people shop 😘 I will have these at my booth at the #koldestinthekitchen #HairBattle taking place on Sunday Jan. 26th at Celeberties. Doors open up at 6, SHOW STARTS AT 7!!!!

In case you didn’t know!!!!! #LiveThroughFashion will be a vendor at the 2014 #koldestinthekitchen Hair Battle taking place on Sunday Jan. 26th at 7pm at Celeberties!!! It is currently being KILLED in the photo by @nisecottie they have some suuuper hot items and some new stuff dropping soon so make sure you stop by their table and show them some love! 😍😜@ltfclothing is where you’ll find it;)

Out doing some super heavy promotion for the #koldestinthekitchen #HairBattle went in to Shekinah Glory Salon and what do I see? Miss Trenene putting in work in a #HairObsession t shirt!!!!;) (this is the first lady to ever get my hair straight when I started going natural!!) thank you so much for purchasing the #retailtherapy #crewbeck today as well. The continued love and support I get is amazing!!!!! 50 salons down.. 50 more to go! I DO THIS ON A DAILY!!!! 💪💪💪💪☔ or ❄⛄