Høyblokka Revisited | Kollaboratoriets
Oslo, Norway | 2014

- Finding a program that carries sufficient weight to coexist with the symbolic content of the building proves to be the main challenge. Additionally, a new program must be important enough to both provide a considerable socio- economic value as well as reviving the surrounding public spaces. Student housing is one such program.

The demand for student housing is insatiable. Being able to provide it in such a central location, in a part of the city so desperately in need of a more diverse urban life, would be of great value.


Khmer Kolab Band in San Diego, CA doing an intro warm up Cha Cha Cha .. Recorded at Lee Garden Restaurant in San Diego, CA on July 21, 2012.

Great guitar playing.

OOC guild update

Due to IRL responsibilities (school, kid, job etc.) The Scienceworks for now will be more of a social/casual roleplay guild. I will be passing leadership to one of Kolab’s alts (Wandsnapper) to help answer anyones questions or concerns. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean a disband, unless it comes to a unanimous decision to do so anyways. 

I will say that I had fun roleplaying with each and everyone so far, but I feel I need to move Cielya (the character herself onward). I will keep my alts Maddylin and Taylissa in the guild.  

To those who are in the guild. Feel free to post any character research reports on this site. 

Overall, thanks for everything. And I’ll be keeping in touch whether via tumblr or in-game. 

- Lindsay (Cielya Dawnreaver) 


Meeting session starts again, brining in the big ideas for our clients to the largest channels! #KOLAB so happy to have this chance!!

anonymous asked:

Who do you rp as?

Well Anon, I currently roleplay as the following:

Rose Wilson/Ravager
Dinah Lance/Black Canary
Jade Nguyen/Cheshire
Cassandra Cain/Batgirl
Barbara Gordon/Oracle
And then two OCs, Violet and Emmi.

And I’ve previously roleplayed the following:

Artemis Crock/Artemis
Joseph Wilson/Jericho
Victor Stone/Cyborg
Roy Harper/Red Arrow
Donna Troy/Troia
And another OC, Kolab.

Hope that answers your question! :)

Meeting number 2 with RCA / SONY RECORDS.. Love it here everyone is pure and care about the artist, on the real hustel and grind.. Just so pure and ture to the roots! #KOLAB #RCARECORDS


Go we love our jobs #KOLAB #ridelife ・・・
Living in Australia for the next month so we stopped by the local @Giantbicycles shop and they hooked the @nitrocircus crew up with some amazing mtn bikes and road bikes.. @aaronWheelz came along but they didn’t have any hand crank bikes..

Just wanted to thank everyone #KOLAB for busting through the load and getting our global presentation completed for our clients here in KOREA.. Wish the whole team was here to share this moment #KOLAB 😎😍

Today #KOLAB is proud to send out of our own out into the wild today! Rafah Ali, is an amazingly spirited woman that’s been interning with team for little under a year and, has been accepted to attend northwestern university, to follow her families alumni and, pursuit her dreams! #KOLAB took her under our wing during her gap year to prepare her for all the challenges we could pre her for .. “It’s awesome to give back to the next generation of leaders, Rafah is going to be a wonderful asset to any team/cooperation” said Head ninja in charge, Ernie B Manasala Jr .. We wish you the best of luck Rafah we will miss you in the office, but we will be rooting you on though everything !! Your always welcome home at #KOLAB