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WIP PART 1: Mah Secret Garden | Kol Kid Spring Window 2014 

Over the last couple weeks  I’ve been working so hard making these oversize flowers for the store front window back wall. Each of the flowers are about 1.5 ft by 1.5 ft with different colour tissue paper covering about 6 ft by 3 ft of the wall. Today I finally completed the first big portion of the display for Kol Kid’s spring window display. The next step is to create vines and flower garlands that will be hanging above all the products that will be merchandised in the window. 

I’m looking forward to see this window come together!

Looking up Skywalker/Solo family trees made me sad because all of them seem to stop at Ben Skywalker, therefore dismissing the BEST Skywalker dudes in the EU really ?? The ginger dude who whore the most undecent v-necks in the galaxy. The biker dude with a handlebar moustache who rescued kittens and made prostethics for the disabled. The pirate dude who was about nothing but space drugs and surfer hair !! what about thOSE

Trouble (Chapter 3)

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Trouble (Chapter Three)

Chapter One / Chapter Two

Summary: Kai Parker is on the run from Damon and Stefan Salvatore and he finds his way to New Orleans, Louisiana hoping that the large supernatural population will hide him in plain sight; When he sees you, a beautiful witch that just so happens to be friends with the Original Family. What are the chances he can make his move before Kol Mikaelson can?

You and Kai were having a movie night. It was raining outside and your roof had a leak so while the workers worked through the night (Kol compelled them) Kai was letting you stay over his apartment.

“Why aren’t you staying at the history buff’s place tonight?” Kai asks as you scroll on your phone, almost completely ignoring the movie.

“Kol? We had fight. He’s such a- such a child sometimes.” You respond angrily as you type. You put the phone down to talk to him.

“What happened?” Kai shuffles a little closer after he talks, you pull your feet back to give him more room.

“His family- well, his brother, really- he’s really paranoid. He keeps thinking that I’m out to get him, out to get his daughter. I know I’ve done some really messed up thing but I would never hurt a kid, never.” Kai nods, wanting you to continue. You sigh and run a hand over your face.

“And the thing is- Kol isn’t even going against it- and if he is he won’t tell me so. He’s being so immature and stubborn. It’s such bullshit, he’s an asshole.” You tilt your head back and sigh loudly. Kai raise his hand to hold yours and you lift your head to look at him.

“I’m here to listen, you know. I’m not going to turn into an asshole.” You snicker as you move to place your head on his shoulder, still holding his hand.

“Thanks.” He leans his head on yours as you watch the movie.


In the morning you wake up on the couch of Kai’s apartment. He was nice enough to put a blanket on you but now that the rain had stopped and the sun had started to shine again New Orleans suddenly felt like a sauna. You throw the blanket off our body and sit up, stretching your arms and groaning. You check your phone as you gather your stuff into the grocery bag you brought it over in.

“Leaving so soon?” You look up and then promptly go speechless. There he was, Kai, with no shirt and low hanging sweatpants. Did every attractive man in this town have a six pack, or were you under a delusion?

“T-The work men stopped so my apart-ment is done and I should go see w-what they did to it. Uhm, bye.” You rush out of the apartment leaving behind a smirking and snickering Kai. But it didn’t matter, because right now your heartbeat was going a million miles a second and you could practically hear Kai laughing from his apartment.

You look up at the ceiling once your heart calms down and sigh. The ceiling looks great, fixed, better than when you first bought the apartment but now dust covered your whole living room. You run a hand through our hair as you curse the workers under your breathe. You brush away all the dust before collapsing onto your couch.

Someone knocks on your doorway. You stand up and march towards the door.

“What the hell do you want?!” You rip open the door to find Kol standing there holding flowers.

“To apologize.” He offers you the flowers and you stare at them incredulously.

“Flowers? Flowers?! You wouldn’t even stand up for me and now you think that a bouquet of roses can make it all better?! How could you think that I could hurt a kid, Kol, a kid!” You swipe the flowers out of his hands as you yell. They fall apart on the floor as you point at him.

“I was trying to convince Klaus not to kill you. I brought you them because they’re your favorite.” Kol walks into your house behind you and shuts the door.

“And you couldn’t tell me anything? You couldn’t compel someone to tell me? To bring a letter? Kol you have a phone, you could have called me!” You turn around to face him, to yell at him more, when he grabs your face and kisses you. You barely have time to react before you kiss him back.

“What- the fuck- was that?” You say, panting after he pulls away from the surprise of it.

That, was something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” You don’t say anything, truly and utterly speechless as you stare up at him.

“Fuck you, get out! You can’t just fix everything with a kiss and a love confession! Get out!” You push him out of the door and slam it loudly. You can hear Kol walk down the stairs. You put your head in your hands when you sit down, hands still shaking from the anger and now the rush of kissing someone.

What the hell were you going to do now?

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My Love. (The Originals, Kol Mikaelson)

Prompt: #33; #45 with Kol. - By a gorgeous Anon :)

Pairing: Kol Mikaelson/You.

Fandom: The Originals.

Sun rays kissed your bare shoulders, the silk sheets comforting on your heated skin. You could tell the left side of the bed was empty by the fall of the sheets and the sound of running water in the ensuite. Huffing, you pulled at the covers til they covered you to your eyeballs as you cocooned yourself in the lingering scent. Why was he up so early?

“Ko-” You were cut off by the buzz of his cell phone. Who calls at - okay, it’s eleven am but still. Groaning, you stick an arm out of your cocoon and pat around for a few minutes for the cool phone til you found it by the lamp, buzzing like an angry ass bee.

You almost answered, pulling it into your cocoon but your eyes caught the caller ID. Drawing it further away like you having it too close had anything to do with the name on the screen. Your eyes widened, clicking ignore. No way.

“My Love?” You muttered, voice tilting more to hurt than angry. “Oh, I don’t think so.” Flailing about, you managed to slip out of the covers and pull on your nearby robe over your tank top and underwear.  Pulling up the call, you headed straight for the bathroom. Right as you threw open the door, Kol folded a towel around his waist and practically jumped out of his skin.

“Jeez, how did you do that?”

“Who the fuck is My Love?” Throwing the phone at his chest, he caught it easily but grunted for good measure.

“Good morning to you too, I slept great thanks for asking and why did you call me?” Holding the screen so you could see it, like you didn’t already know what it said, he shook the phone at you.

“Um, I didn’t. My Love did.”

“Yeah, you.”

“Kol, I’m not kidding. I’m going to ask you this, and I’m only going to ask once. Are you cheating on me?”

“Babe, what the fuck are you talking about?” He demanded, stepping closer to you. He definitely didn’t like ho you backed away, refusing his outstretched hand. “Of course I’m not, this is your number.”

“Are you kidding me Kol, why would I call you when -” You were cut off once more by a single buzz, a new text message. His eyes glanced at it, then he was laughing. “I’m leaving. If you’re going to check your texts and laugh at whatever your whore said, then I’m out.” Whirling on your heels, you were met with a gust of air and then his chest.

“What did I say about vamp speed when I’m mad?”

“Read this.”

“I don’t want to read your sexts to some - oh.”

Hi, I found this phone under a bench in the park and this was the most frequently called number so I figured I’d give it a try but no one picked up when I called, so if you could call then we can set up a meeting to give this person their phone if that’s okay! x

“You left your phone in the park by the way.”

“Yeah, well I was a little distracted last night if I remember correctly.” Grinning, he pulled you into your arms more than pleased when you melted into him. “I’m sorry I went crazy on you.”

“No apologies necessary. I would’ve ripped the bastard’s head off if you cheated on me so I say you reacted as well as can be expected.” You wish he was kidding. Patting him on the chest, your stomach rumbled for sustenance and you shoved at his chest.

“Okay, now that’s settled, your girl needs some pancakes.”

“Mmm, my girl can have anything she wants.” He grinned, lips mouthing at your jaw and you met his lips before pulling away much too quickly for his liking.

“Yep, okay, she wants pancakes.” Wiggling out his arms, you trotted to your kitchen with his laughing following you when he smacked you on the butt with his towel.

“Fix me some too?”

“Only if you retrieve my phone for me while I do.”

“Yes of course, anything for you my love.”

I’m weak. I love Kol and thank you for requesting! x

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Kol Mikaelson & Kai Parker | Imagine

Request: (Y/N) has a child from both, Kai and Kol. They try to convince her who will be the better partner and father.

A/N: Yeah, Kol can’t have kids actually. But what’s impossible in the TO and TVD universe anyway? ;) And sorry that’s so long. I drifted of a bit. 

Warnings: insulting (a bit/ kind of) | slight “dirty talk” (not really to be honest)

You weren’t sure if this was a good idea. But, whatever you’d choose to do, it would end in chaos anyway, so why not trying to get along with it?

Kai and Kol were your former love interests and both of them got you pregnant. Thinking about it, it was quite weird, but you had a thing for this type of men. 

To top this state of weirdness, both of them suggested to have a day off with both of your sons. You’d love them to spend time with their dads, but at the same time? You weren’t certain if this was a good idea.

Isaac and Zac were actually raised as brothers, they didn’t know they had different dads since there were only three and six. Plus, they’ve either never met one of them or, in Zac’s case, were believed to be just a friend of yours. It was so complicated.

You sighed as you got all the stuff you’ll need. Zac, the older one, chased Isaac through the small apartment. The latter started screaming, but fortunately it sounded rather joyfully. You couldn’t need another fight between the two, it would be tensed up between Kol and Kai already. You wouldn’t want to take care of two pairs of kids.

You just wanted to call for them as the door bell rang. Nervously, you opened it, seeing both of them in the door frame made your heartbeat pacing faster. Kai smiled cheekily, pulled you into a hug. Kol was more reserved. He came closer slowly, smiling somewhat tricky. The next second some beautiful flowers came into your view. 

“Crawler”, Kai muttered but Kol ignored him. “I remember you adored them”, Kol smiled. “Uh, thanks”, you said and blushed. “I’ll get a vase.” As you dealt with the flowers, the boys recognized someone just arrived. 

“Uncle Kol!”, Zac called. They’ve seen each other before, but you didn’t bring it to telling the truth. How would you intodruce them properly anyway? Kol was dead a while ago and Kai was caught in a prison world. How do you explain that?

“Well, look at you. You’ve grown so much.” You couldn’t help but smile at Kol’s behaviour with his son. Isaac was a bit more shy - nothing like his dad actually. He took hold of your leg, shying away at the sight of a stranger. 

Kai went to his knees. “And you are?” “’zaac.” He murmured into the fabric of your jeans. “No, love. That’s your brother. Your name’s Isaac.” He nodded in agreement. 

“Oh, what a wonderful name. To you like some magic tricks, Isaac?” Kai asked which earned an eager nod.

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this constant sting they call love

(a/n: for @ofwoodsandwaves. setting: au after s3/ what if Kol is the only one of his siblings who isn’t locked away and has to travel around with Hayley and Hope while they try to save his family…or that koley roadtrip au I promised I’d write)


It’s mid-september when she first starts to wear her hair in braids.

Kol notices the little things,

―notices how she counts the stars when she’s bored, notices how she sleeps with a picture of Elijah under her pillow, notices the way her lips form around his name like sin.

“Kol,” Hayley slowly says, mid-sleep. “Drive slower, you’ll wake up Hope,” she scolds him, almost all the time. And he’d describe it as a sign of her affection for him, if it weren’t for her scowl.

He sighs, takes a quick look at the speed-limit before deciding on his next move.

“If I drive any slower my darling,” he whispers softly, tightening his grip around the wheel. “Little Hope’s going to get her first encounter with the Florida police,” Kol smirks, as he refers to the sleeping baby in the backseat.

“If that happens, then you can just eat them,” Hayley says, while offering him an eye roll. “Like how you did those teenage campers we saw earlier,” she scoffs, bitterly.

It’s an odd adventure for the two of them. Kol is the original sibling that Hayley is least acquainted with. But thankfully, he has a long list of witch allies they’ve been going through in order to find some sort of cure to save their family.

One of the many hurdles they’ve faced though is feeding. Surely, Hayley insisted they stick to blood bags, since she’s still not ready to explain the whole vampire thing to Hope.

Of course, Kol prefers fresh human blood, so every now and then, he stops the car and takes off to eat someone.

“You’re still upset about that?” He wonders, sounding just a tad surprised.

There’s a slight pause before the she-wolf decides to speak again. “They were just kids,” she slowly says, and there’s a slight crack in her voice.

It was a combination of things. Being a mother had made her soft, reminded her of something she learned from Marcel about protecting kids.

But, Kol wasn’t one for morals or integrity. With Davina gone, he didn’t have to think about being good, noble, or kind. He could be himself, be the bloodthirsty monster, the killer, the soulless sociopath.

“You know, I never saw the appeal in having children,” he spits, thinking about those annoying but delicious teenagers he had for breakfast. “They’re nothing but ungrateful mongrels,” Kol adds on.

Hayley chuckles. “You’ll change your mind once you have kids―” immediate regret rushes through her as she realizes the deep cut of her words. Elijah had once told her about his desire to have a family, and Rebekah made it clear how fond she was of the idea. Klaus had grown to love the concept as well, but, Hayley had no idea how Kol felt about it.

“I sure am glad my brother’s the only one who was cursed with that blasted loophole,” he laughs it off though, because really, Kol Mikaelson could never see himself as a father.

The she-wolf turns back to look at Hope, to remind herself of what’s missing.

“When do you think we’ll be able to wake him up?” she asks, in a raspy tone.

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I just thought about Davina on the Other Side and that's the result of my fantasy:
  • Davina: Where am I?
  • Kol: Congratulations you're on the Other Side, love!
  • Davina: Who the hell are you?!
  • Kol: Oh that's a bad word for such little girls!
  • Davina: Are you kidding me?!
  • Kol: Calm down, little girl. Let's start fresh. I'm Kol Mikaelson.
  • Davina: Mikaelson? You're an old one, aren't you?
  • Kol: Yes, I am. Or I was. Now I'm a ghost and my siblings doesn't seem to give a fuck about that ...
  • Davina: Well, that sucks.
  • Kol: I know. So you're Davina, the super witch. Finally sacrificed for the sake of this stupid harvest ritual.
  • Davina: The harvest ... I remember ... So they lied about coming back. What a surprise. That means I'm dead now. It doesn't seem to be very awful.
  • Kol: Oh you wouldn't say this after you spent months all alone where you can't do anything than watching all the people of the land of the living.
  • Davina: How can you be dead? Everyone says that Originals can't be killed.
  • Kol: Long story. I'm gonna tell you later ... or never. It's ... embarrassing.
  • Davina: Okay .. Wait, hang on! Where are the other dead people? Where is Tim?
  • Kol: Oh you mean your fiddler mate you're in love with?
  • Davina: Yes! Have you seen him?
  • Kol: Oh honey, you didn't figured out yet how this works, did you? This boy was a normal human. You're a witch. I'm an original. We're supernatural but he isn't. The Other Side is just for supernatural creatures. You won't see him again.
  • Davina: ...
  • Kol: Hey I'm sorry. Really. Death is bullshit. Even for kids. But let's be positive. You're not alone. I see you're scared. Don't be. I'm going to protect you even if it's not really necessary.
  • Davina: You will keep me safe?
  • Kol: I will. You have my word on that.
  • Davina: Can I trust you?
  • Kol: Figure it out.