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Original - Kol Mikaelson Imagine

This was it, the first big fight you were having with Kol. You were both just continually shouting at each other. 

“You shouldn’t go out there Kol,” You stood and followed Kol to the table. “Do you know how dangerous it is to walk blindly into a fight? You’re being stupid!” You shouted trying to get his attention as he poured himself a drink.

“I am an original vampire Y/N! I think I can take care of myself!” He slammed the bottle back down on the table.

“I can’t believe you Kol! You are not going there!” Your hands were balled into fists as you felt your heartbeat rise.

“That’s not your decision to make!” The crystal glass he held shattered into a million pieces. His eyes turned black and dark veins appeared on his face. “You have this obsession with “fixing” people, but you can’t fix me! I’ve been broken for a long time, this is what I am. Every horrible, awful, disgusting part. That is me and I. Can’t. Be. Fixed!” Kol had you pinned against the wall, his hands were gripped hard onto your shoulders, you were trembling in fear and tears were streaming down your face.

Kol’s face immediately shifted, his eyes and skin returned to normal and he released his grip on you. Your legs were weak and you sank to the floor, Rebekah rushed into the room and to your side. She held you in her arms while she hushed you. Kol back away from you, trying to comprehend what he had just done to the girl he loved.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” His voice croaked and he quickly disappeared out of the room, leaving you with his sister.

Stay with me the night - (Kol Mikaelson x reader)

Kol Mikaelson? You hated it, the word is not strong enough. He spends most of his time to threaten your friends to get your favors. You knew you would not let the indifferent original, it was difficult to ignore. He did not try to conceal his low for you, especially since he had invited you to an appointment. Once again he had threatened to pull the head of your friends for that you accept his invitation. You prepared yourself with the help of Elena, without much enthusiasm. You looked at yourself in the mirror adjusting your dress, you were sublime. Despite your beauty unusual, you’d never had a boyfriend. You were a pure person, you wanted to know true love. Elena rushed out you from your thoughts.

“You’re not afraid to find you alone with this monster?”

“I don’t know .. I think he’s capricious, wild but basically there have good in him”

“He threatened us to have this evening with you (Y / N) ..”

“I know but..” You do not have time to finish your sentence, it knocked on the door. Without knowing why, your heart began to accelerate to the thought that it could be Kol. You greeted Elena and come down the stairs like a princess. When you opened the door, you discovered a Kol more beautiful than ever. He gently took your hand in his, and he laid there a gentle kiss. At the touch of his lips against your skin, your whole body shiver traveled.

“I don’t think you really would come .. You seem to hate me”

“I hate you but I remind you that you threatened my friends “


To be honest, you spent a fabulous evening at his side. So that the line between hate and love you felt for him was reduced considerably. You couldn’t deny that you had a crush on this boy, for that vampire, for this original. As he drove you home, you were walking side by side when the rain began to fall on Mystic Falls. You shivered in contact with it on your skin, which hadn’t gone unnoticed by the vampire. He took off his suit jacket and gently landed on your shoulders. You blush slightly embarrassed, you could smell his odor on you. You finally arrive at your house, you stop. A comfortable silence settled, he didn’t leave your eyes.

"I spent a pleasant evening with you (Y / N)”

It doesn’t leave you time to answer, his lips crashed against yours in a gentle but passionate kiss, he broke the kiss to be able to tell you everything, tell you what was on his heart.

“(Y / N) I know you see me as a monster without a heart. But .. I don’t know why, I can’t stop thinking about you. I think I’m in love with you. And even if it is not mutual, I want you to know. I can’t keep it to myself. I love you (Y/N) with all my heart”


“What ?”

“Stay with me the night Kol”

He was afraid of not having well understood, but he realized what you had said when you took his hand in yours and you drive up to your room for a more restless night than expected ..

I hope you like it, I’m sorry for my english but I’m french so it’s more difficult for me haha :)