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Since I’m waiting for my books to be delivered, I decided to finally accomplish a old project of mine, that is translating Kabuto’s Fourth Databook entry. While it’s probably more correct than my previous translation of Nonou’s and Urushi & caretakers’ ones, I still recommend you to have a look at my translation’s notes for further clarifications.


- “He absorbed* the wisdom”: the verb I translated with ‘absorbed’ is 喰らう(kurau), which means ‘to eat/drink’ when you talk about food, or ‘to receive’ when you talk about blows. ‘Absorb’ isn’t among its meaning but I thought it was the closest thing that could describe what Kabuto ‘did’ with his ‘wisdom’.

- “the “evidences” that determined*”: again another difficult bit. The verb is 構成する (kousei suru), which I only found with the meaning of ‘constitute’. The construction 自分/自身を構成する is not so usual, I guess it means something along the line of ‘be a part of himself’. The same construct is repeated in the box where they talk about his glasses.

- “who wandered in the void*”: I had to make a hard choice here. The sentence is 虚空を彷徨う (kokuu wo chimayou), with the word ‘kokuu’ meaning ‘empty space/empty sky/void’ and the verb ‘chimayou’ meaning ‘to loiter; to putter; to prowl; to wander about; to roam about; to knock around’. This exact sentence have elsewhere been translated with ‘wander in the empty sky’. I was unsure if consider it as a poetic way to say ‘investigating the unknown’, resulting in “In order to investigate the unknown and know what kind of person he was”, or consider it as a adjectival verb clause linked to the pronoun ‘jishin’ (him/himself). I went with the latter because I suddenly remembered about THIS freakin’ PANEL (scan courtesy of Mangapanda):

- “his blank body* with a fabricated** blood and flesh”: ‘blank body’ has the nuance of ‘vessel’, ‘fabricated’ has the nuance of ‘fake/false/constructed/not natural’.

- “Orochimaru’s power that he carries*”: nuance of ‘to guest [in his body] like a virus’.


This entry didn’t clarify some of my doubts about why Danzo didn’t kill/recognise Kabuto back then in the Chuunin exam arc, but still gives us some nice infos. It gives us the third-person-pov assurance that Kabuto’s sage mode surpasses Orochimaru. It tells us that even after his many transformations his most prised possession are still his glasses.

But maybe the MOST IMPORTANT titbit that made me exult internally was THIS ONE:

This micro piece of digital paper finally gives us an indication of time: Kabuto was found by Nonou 18 years ago.

Since the same entry states his actual age at 24, it means that Kabuto was found by  Nonou at 6 (one-two years later than I thought), served the Root at 9, and joined Orochimaru at 14.

The ultimate Kabuto Timeline is now complete!!! ~~~


Raws by: Iiiii’m pretty sure by now that they’re from Narutoforums user RAI. If I’m wrong, I apologise in advance. Ok, forget it, it’s probably SaiST. Why do I even talk sometimes…

Work by: Masashi Kishimoto-sensei and his peers. (I hope my translation won’t bother anyone. After all it’s only to celebrate Kabuto-sama, so it must fall under the fair use).

Cleaning, translation and typesetting by: me~.

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Hello! I was just wondering real quick, what would this translate to? "虚空腹家の憂鬱". It's the title of an original song from Sou's album, but I can't find the translation anywhere;; Also, what is the romaji? I keep seeing different versions, like "Kokuu Fukuka no Yuu Utsu" and "Kokuuharake no Yuutsu". Thank you!!!

Hi! :D
The romaji title is “Kokuu Fukuka no Yuuutsu.” It’s a bit of a strange title so the best I could give you without looking into the lyrics carefully would be something like “Depression of the One with an Empty Stomach.” I probably couldn’t have worded that any worse if I tried www but anyway I think that’s generally what it means~

[English] Sou interview with Utattemita no Hon, January 2016

Sou was interviewed about his recent tours and new album for the January 2016 edition of the magazine Utattemita no Hon! Click here for the interview with Luz and Kradness from the same edition.

(Notes: -Questions from the interviewer are in bold
-This issue came out in December 2015 and the interview probably occurred some time before that, if some of the things he said in here regarding the timing of song recordings and such seemed kinda weird.)


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【Kokuu ft. Sekka Yufu】Spilling Out «English sub»
Thanks @wordhuntering for subbing this for me!

Flame of Recca (Chapter 196 Volume 20)
  • Kokuu: Koukai Gyoku - no other madougu places such importance in the master. Created as a pair with the madougu made from the shadows, the eikai ball... it has the ability to erase anything in the world.
  • Recca: *freezes in place* To erase... anything?
  • Yanagi: Like dolls or cakes?
  • Kokuu: Yes.
  • Koganei: Buildings? Mountains?!
  • Kokuu: Yes.
  • Domon: *with a dumb, curious look in his face* How about Yanagi's tits?!
  • Kokuu: It can only erase things that exist!!!

【Kokuu ft. GUMI】Stars Falling «English+Romaji subs»
Thanks @wordhuntering for subbing this for me!