Feeling heroic =]

Just got the Heroic Blade, which is a direct reference to the original Monster Hunter from 2004. The game wasn’t too overt in terms of story, but it was a nice little thing you got for clearing one of the later quests. I remember it requiring a Monoblos Heart to upgrade, which was one of the rarest items to get - but I did it anyways.

Seeing and getting this in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate makes me feel very nostalgic and brings back fond memories of the old game. Can’t wait to take it for a spin with the awesome new Sword and Shield moves. =)


Progress through Monster Hunter Cross slowly but this is a real gem. I want to show you guys the meaning with the different NPCs throughout Cross and their quests.

As you progress through MHX, you see familiar characters throughout all the MH series and they give you specifics quests for you to go through.

The village chief of each village ask of you (once you’ve been through their quest line) to hunt these 3 quests shown in the image are the major quests in each of their own respective games.
Kokoto Village Chief gives you Wyverns of Land and Sky (Gold and Silver Rath)
Pokke Village Chief gives you the Final Invitation (2 Rajangs)
and Yukumo Village Chief gives you Drinking Demise (Deviljho, Tigrex, and Narga)

Along with that, other NPCs like the Jumbo Village Chief for example (Sadly we don’t get to see Jumbo in Cross) gives you one of the major urgents seen in MH2 (Dos) Which is slaying a Kushala Daora whom is also the Flagship of Dos. Upon completing this quest the Jumbo Village Chief gives you Dragon Seal (Originally, Dragon Seal in Dos was acquired by such and pulling it out of the wall in a cave in Jumbo Village) 

You can also pull out the Hero Sword in Kokoto village which is behind the house as usual 

Guildmarm’s last request (to complete you get her as housekeeper) is hunting Seregios which is relevant to the series she comes from (MH4 series) 

It’s small things like this I find MHX special. It brings back memories with a fresh new twist on mechanics.