Crystal clear night skies are one of the many reasons to visit Maine’s Acadia National Park. Photographer Evan Kokoska planned a last-minute trip to Acadia to capture the night sky. After some scouting and gorging on lobster, he spent the night shooting at Bubble Pond. With clear skies and calm winds, he was able to catch the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. An added bonus – Mars (to the right) and Saturn (a little below and to the left of Mars). Of the park, he says, “Acadia is powerful – the granite and shorelines are amazing and humbling.” Photo courtesy of Evan Kokoska.

The Narrows is one of the most popular areas of Zion National Park in Utah, and we can definitely see why. The Narrows is surrounded by the soaring walls of the Zion Canyon and spans 20-30 feet wide in parts. To get this great shot of The Narrows, Evan Kokoska started his day at 4 am – early enough to hike to the part of The Narrows with good morning light and gorgeous fall colors. Photo courtesy of Evan Kokoska.