kokos face


I love how I can spend hours and hours doing my hair and trying to make it behave but then I take it out of the bun it’s been in for 2 days and it somehow looks amazing???

  • The first images from CoroCoro have leaked and have revealed the latest news on Sun & Moon. 
  • The name of the Pokémon Rockruff evolves into is Lugarugan and has a different appearance based on if it evolves in Day or in Night. It notes that Rockruff becomes the Day form when bathed in the rays of the sun and when full of the night’s power, it becomes the Night form. No types or further details have been given
  • There are also two Ultra Beasts called UB02, UB02 Beauty and UB02 Expansion. 
  • In the scan, it shows UB02 Expansion appearing in Pokémon Sun, facing off against Tapu Koko and UB02 Beauty facing off against Tapu Koko in Pokémon Moon. 
  • It also states that UB01’s name is a mystery but may have a deep meaning
  • It also reveals that it will show the true strength of the new Pokémon, Type: Null, during its next issue 
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Ms. Jonathan is so petty. Don’t throw it Auntie KoKo’s assistant’s face that mommy is more famous, everyone knows that. Honestly, who is Ms. Jonathan in this world? What you didn’t see is that I later stormed in the room told them, “I’m more famous than everyone in this room. Now all ya’ll go to bed!”.