I like listening to kokoro no sports because it’s such a light and fun song and Its fucking good, Deborah. And I don’t care what you, the divorce lawyer or the marriage counsellor say you stole the best years of my life and killed my spirit. I hope you’re happy with derrick lord knows he won’t be cause you’re a devil bitch, I still expect a holiday card.


Somehow I came across this while looking for this song. Why though? Y'all are weird.


Kokoro no Sports (Acoustic Cover) / thispenguin

Ahh, marry me!

Perfume 6th Tour COSMIC EXPLORER Fukuoka Dome Set List

01 Navigate
02 Cosmic Explorer
03 Pick Me Up
04 Cling Cling (Album-mix)
05 One Room Disco

06 Next Stage with YOU
07 Medley:
  -Relax in the City
  -Natural ni Koishite
  -Toumei Ningen
  -Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
  -Ceramic Girl
  -Kokoro no Sports
  -Sweet Refrain (Album-mix)

08 Baby Face

09 Perfume no Okite (2016-mix)
10 FLASH (Album-mix)
11 Miracle Worker

(P.T.A. no Corner)

13 Electro World
14 Party Maker
15 Daijyobanai

16 Perfect Star Perfect Style
17 Chocolate Disco (2012-mix)

18 STAR TRAIN (Album-mix)