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idk if mel still has me blocked so im gonna address this in its own post and i guess just hope that someone gives him the link or whatever

mel, im totally willing to accept this apology, but im gonna be straight up no bullshit and say mine and probably a lot of other peoples guard still isnt down, and i hope you can understand why. so i guess forgiven but not forgotten? and while im here ill apologise for any times i may have crossed the line because lbr we both said a lot of shit

but i really appreciate the fact that you took the time to address all of this, and now that its over im totally willing to help you if you need it, bc i really do want you to get help one way or another. of course i cant see a reason why you would ever want to come to me after all of this but honestly i get a lot of what youre saying of your problems and it might be better for you to have some real talk rather than a bunch of your followers just giving you a pat on the head so. the offers there i guess

also if you havent already itd be great if you could like, unblock me?? i feel im missing a lot of shit i always wanted to say in a calm environment and id like to address you directly for it at some point. obviously its your choice but know that i wont use it against you from here on out

but yeah, genuinely thank you for conceding and wow hopefully now everyone can not be so fucking stressed all the time

tumblr user bayleef signing out on the last chronicle of kokoro

vanini-blog  asked:

everyone on this site is always so fucking butthurt, are people that miserable they feel the need to bitch out every person in arguments that have nothing to do with them, nobody needs your personal opinion rubbed in their face go back to your blog and blog fucking pictures and shit. I like bayleef because her blog is nice I really don't give a shit what kind of person she is and neither should you, if you do then follow or don't follow her but please just shut up i'm sick of this on my dash