koko london

so i saw hippo campus in london last night and it was my first time ever seeing them live and honestly it was amazing and seeing them up close at the barriers was just BEAUTIFUL. the vibes, the supporting acts were lit, and the boys performance was just . jake’s vocal had me dead on the spot they are such a blessing and him saying fuck trump and zach didn’t say much but his cute little mannerisms and the way he plays was so so adorable to see irl and when a guy shouted “zach you’re awesome” he looked so happy it was a s o f t moment. and nathan’s voice when talking and singing is just so beautiful as usual what a blessing the lord has given us and whistler living it up on the drums is what I live for.

I’ve finally recovered from last night 💛 dodie was incredible. All the feels were present. ALSO I WAS STOOD 20M AWAY FROM EVAN, LUCY, JACK, DEAN, DAN, MANAGER JOSH AND THE GANG.