spain nt celebrating jordi’s birthday


- jordi drinking water and pretending to be surprised

- deulofeu, iniesta, pedro and busquets sitting together bc cules

- jordi is totally shit at unwrapping presents like there was still wrapping paper stuck to the box at the end (jordi wyd)

- they gave him an lg minibeam projector (which raises so many questions but that’s for another time)

So Koke provoked Cristiano with homophobic abuse, but the media play it down. Typical for the backward football world.

Koke to Cristiano: “You faggot!”

Cristiano: “I might be a faggot… but a very rich one. Arsehole.“

Sadly, homophobic expressions are still considered and used as the ultimate insult in male football. Disgusting. A shame for the beautiful game. Even worse when a player of a big club acts like this. What if one of his teammates were gay? Would he refuse to work together with him?

I sharply criticise FIFA, UEFA, the clubs and other football organisations. At most they pay lip service against homophobia, but don’t take action. In this case, Koke gets away with his disgusting behaviour. For sure, he sees no need to apologise to Cristiano or at least to rethink his attitude. And sadly, Koke can count with the more or less silent consent of big parts of the football community.

Incredible that in men’s football, these backward, inhuman views are still prevalent.
Homophobia has to be prosecuted and punished like racism.