kojuuro katakura

My Morikawa adventure!

So I payed the 75 bucks for the meet the guest. So I could talk to Morikawa (FYI he’s Kojuuro’s Seiyuu) So I was really nervous and when I went to sit down he asked me to sit next to him. So I did. We started speaking and he complemented me on my Japanese and pointed out that I have an Osaka accent. I admitted it as well and he found it amusing. He started asking me things. Where I was from, How I got to AX, How long the drive took, how I learned Japanese, if I have ever been to Japan, Will I go this year, I told him I would and how I wanted to volunteer … and then came the convo about how I knew him. He pointed out a post card he had on the table of Kojuuro. He told me that some of the cast members went around and got to talk to people affected by the tsuname. He said the post card was given out there. He said “I play this character” then pointed to Kojuuro. I giggled and said “Kojuuuu” His face lit up. I said that I was a Basara fan and that Kojuu was my favorite. (This is Kojuuro week for me!) I mentioned I wanted his signature because I missed it. I was a little bummed because we weren’t allowed to ask for them. He told me if I was able to catch up with him he would give it to me. So I said “please walk slowly!” and he said he would walk in slow motion or wait for us. I told him that I was bummed I couldn’t play as Kojuuro in SB3 and how I couldn’t hear his voice (because it is only dubbed) He gave me a sort of laugh that I’m taking as (GUESS WHAT IS COMING SOON!) We chit chatted about Kanji and then I asked him to say “Masamune-Sama” for me. but he grinned and started talking about Masamune in his Kojuu voice. Then I called him “Katakori Kojuuro” and he roared with laughter. because I knew about it. He told me to watch the event next week. I promised him I would try and I would try to speak better Japanese and he poked at me for saying something “very Japanese” He told me he wanted to see me cosplaying as Masamune and asked me to come back with Keiji the next day. I did but apparently he had to leave. I was able to get his autograph as well as a photo with him. It was nice.

All in all he was very friendly.  He was so happy that people liked SBR let alone Kojuuro. I don’t know if it’s his favorite character he’s done but, he definitely has love for him!

Devil Kings...

So I was able to score a copy of Devil Kings today. Other than bad localization, it’s biggest fault is the lack of Kojuuro. I then started to think “If Kojuuro was in Devil Kings what would his name be?” I proceeded to think about his traits. He’s kinda like a Knight, he’s loyal, protective, aggressive when need be, and a tactician. Then I needed a physical aspect of him. Thinking to his clothes I remember his crescent moon. So I’ve decided that if Kojuuro was in Devil Kings his name would be “Crescent Knight” or because some of the names don’t actually make sense… “Moon Puppy” “Crescent Wolf.” or Last but not least “Dragon Scales”

LOL AMUSED. Oh Kojuuro … where were you? Masamu was making bad decisions in life.