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Former Konami Employees Blacklisted Across Industry

An ex-Kon says that former employees are told they may not use Konami’s name on their resumes in order to get jobs. If former employees are interviewed by any media outlets, it’s quite likely they will be taken to court.

While this allegedly extends to “everyone,” there’s special focus on people currently working for Kojima Productions. Two months ago, a Kojima exec was denied service from gaming industry health care provider ITC Kempo, reportedly because an ITC Kembo board member was also a board member at Konami.



Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Japan / Kojima Productions
Platform: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, Windows
Year: 2001 (NA/JP PS2), 2002 (EU PS2, Substance NA Xbox, Substance JP PS2), 2003 (Substance EU Xbox/Windows, Substance NA PS2/Windows), 2011 (JP/NA/EU PS3/360), 2012 (AUS PS3/360, Vita)


RIOBOT NERV Anti-G Weapon Shiryu Prototype Unit 01 is the latest addition to the RIOBOT series, and is inspired by the collaboration project “Godzilla vs Evangelion”. The figure design is by Yoji Shinkawa of Kojima Productions and skillfully merges the world of Godzilla and Evangelion together. Equipped with ball joints to make posing easy and smooth, it comes with Anti Kaiju Battle Blades for each arm, and extra interchangeable hands.


During several of the boss fights of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the player will have to take on an enemy that possesses and is effectively a master of one of the core mechanics of the game, but possesses some fatal flaw that prevents them from being a match for Snake. This comes through especially so during the encounter with Ocelot, as his inexperience shows through by his need to constantly reload his signature revolvers, and during the fight with The End, who is a master of camouflage, but is too old to escape from the player quickly if they’re discovered. This turnaround of the mechanics both A) ensures the player has a strong understanding of the strengths and weaknesses their character possesses, and B) gives them an opportunity to experience the tools they’ve spent the game learning being used against them.