Koji Murofushi

(Japanese/Romanian) [Japanese]

Known as: Gold Medal Winning Olympic Hammer Throw Athlete (Won a Bronze Medal in the Men’s Hammer Throw event for Japan at the 2012 London Summer Olympics)

Hammer Throw Awards/Accolades: 2012 London Olympics Bronze Medal, 2004 Athens Olympics Gold Medal, 2011 Gold Medal in the World Championships; 2002 & 1998 Gold Medal in the Asian Games

More Information: Koji Murofushi’s Official Website, Koji Murofushi’s Facebook page, Wall Street Journal: Japan Real Time: 2012 Olympic Profile: Koji Murofushi, London 2012 Olympics: Koji Murofushi, Koji Murofushi’s Wikipedia page

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anonymous asked:

More Nathan Adrian, please!! :D He's half Asian and PRECIOUS <3

OMG you have no idea okay I flipped out when I found out he was half Asian because I have a thing for half Asians

Is that weird

That’s weird isn’t it

Ahahhaha… oh well <3


lol izzy, is that the only way you’ll aimes an asian?  asian love ftw. mixesof any kind are always the prettiest