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Yoh Shunshin (Akikawa) - Uehara Koji (Boston Red Sox #19, closer)



Baseball Bigots Attack Kolten Wong, Koji Uehara at End of World Series Game 4

Last night, in Game 4 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, fans witnessed a game-ending…pickoff. Yes, how anticlimactic…but it is a first! Red Sox closer Koji Uehara caught Cardinals pinch-runner Kolten Wong and he was picked off at first base.

woah woah woah. Wait a minute…

Did you see those two names?

Koji Uehara.

Kolten Wong.

And as you’ve probably guessed by this point, the intelligentsia that is America’s sports fan had something to say FOREIGNERS playing America’s game.

Note #1: These tweets come from Boston and St. Louis fans alike.

Note #2: The Red Sox’s Koji Uehara is Japanese. The Cardinals’ Kolten Wong is…Hawaiian

And now, it is time for…racist amateur comedy hour!

#asianjoke! So funny that you had to clarify it was a joke because you were worried you’d come off sounding racist.

P.S. You still sound like a racist!

haha. Word play and Jeopardy humor! So edgy and current.

haha. Do you get it now? His last name is Wong. It sounds like ‘wrong’!

If comedy performed by bigots isn’t your kind of humor, maybe you’ll enjoy racist dolts who tried to scrub their comments, but as you’ll see…were quite unsuccessful! Thanks to @BestFansStLouis on Twitter for pointing these ones out:

And now for some of the wonderful comments directed towards Koji Uehara. Remember, I said these tweets come from Boston and St. Louis fans alike…

Ah, “zipperhead.” What a lovely term of endearment for a human being you’re cheering for!

But, shockingly, perhaps none of these tweets are as astoundingly dumb as following Twitter comment thread from Turner over here…

Turner: “A-HA! He’s half Chinese! HA! MY BIGOTRY WAS (at least partially) CORRECT! Now, don’t YOU feel stupid now!”

Thankfully, the following person was a bit disturbed by all the hate directed towards people of Asian descent, so he spreads the hate out a bit…

Can’t wait for Game 5!