koizumi and otani


Day 7 - Favorite anime couple - Otani and Koizumi of Lovely Complex I just love this couple so much… They’re so funny, cute and not-so- very compatible! I loved the way Koizumi liked a midget Otani and blah blah *because spoilers* The art might be meh, but the content is very good. Recommended to all shoujo lovers,yay!



Hiroto x Kirari from Kirarin Revolution

Akito x Sana from Kodocha 

Yuta x Rikka from Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

Otani x Koizumi from Lovely Complex 

Alibaba x Morgiana from Magi

Kaito x Luchia from Mermaid Melody

Kouhei x Hazuki from Moon Phase

Nagasumi x Sun from My Bride is a Mermaid