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hi i just love your blog i've been browsing through all of your recs and i just love every one of them! (similiar preferences, heh) anyway, i just wanted to ask if you could recommend the creepiest mangas/one shots/whatever you can think of? i've been finding myself leaning towards that lately, idk.. but love your dedication to your blog and thanks! :)

Thank you very much!( ´∀`)☆

Uhh, creepiest? This is a shoujo blog you know… and if you want horror, I also run a horror manga blog which I haven’t updated since forever lol But anyway, the top 65 I listed there were the creepiest I know.

And well, since this is a shoujo blog, I can also list you some shoujo/horror I’ve read:

  • Zekkyou Gakkyuu / Screaming Lessons
  • Black Peach Flower
  • Kokoro Rental
  • Risou No Kareshitachi
  • Motto, Ikitai…
  • Covered in Cinders
  • ½ (Nibun No Ichi)
  • Hetare Venus (look up the oneshot “The Elevator That Takes You To Darkness”)
  • Kanojo No Kare (Maeda Tomo)
  • Red House
  • In The Mirror of Death
  • Koiyami - Hayari Kami Another Story
  • Jigoku Shoujo
  • Psycho Knocker
  • The Tarot Cafe (josei)
  • The Dreaming
  • Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
  • Shoujotachi No Kaidan
  • The Black Cat
  • Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi
  • Hidarite
  • Visukiisu no Akai Ningyou 
  • Visitor
  • Ludwig Kakumei
  • I Can’t Sleep Alone
  • Twelve O’clock Bell Rings
  • Kuma-san to Issho
  • Lore No Mori
  • Book Club
  • Nobody Knows (Lee Hyeon-sook)
  • Cole
  • The Castle
  • Ningyou Saisei Koujou 
  • Ningyou Kyuutei Gakudan
  • Collector
  • Anata no Shiranai Sekai
  • Dokebi Bride
  • Toshi Densetsu
  • Ghost Hunt
  • Cheese in the Trap (josei but gives off an uneasy feeling)
  • Hiki
  • After School Nightmare
  • Erotic Horror
  • Sakurada Hina’s works (yandere galore)
  • Yuuki Kaori’s works