Hey, everyone. I’ve been laid low by a nasty cold for over a week, so sadly I haven’t had much a of a chance to work on Yamete Kudasai Koishii Desu, but I’ve had a few anons asking about everyone’s full names. I didn’t actually know them until I bought the chapters for Koishii Desu. So I thought I’d post this to answer their questions & as a very small preview.

“ Sayonara, mata aou, gomen ne, suki da yo
Sayonara, waratte yo, okonnayo, baka da na
Koishii, kurushii, itoshii jya tarinai
Nandomo, nandodemo, sakebu yo
Suki da yo
Sayonara ”
Ken Hirai || Boku wa kimi ni koi wo suru


I read proudtobeaginger‘s post about a cute headcanon where Zeref used to do forehead touch to Natsu. Honestly, it killed me! Gaaahhh! 

I did try drawing them when they were younger but somehow they ended up like this XD


Natsu and Zeref Dragneel c/o Hiro Mashima

Art c/o Ferbooche