koide yusuke

So, basically, through Yamaguchi Ichiro… Hoshino Gen and Koide Yusuke became friends…over discussing AV. LOL

@Base_Ball_Bear_ / Base Ball Bear 小出祐介 

8:45 AM - 22 Dec 12

Although I was scheduled to meet Gen-san in an interview after a very long time, it became inconvenient. It’s a shame we still can’t meet for awhile, but please rest well. When you’re back in the pink of health again, let’s talk about AV. I’ll be expecting you.

Note: Hoshino Gen went on hiatus recently due to subarachnoid haemorrhage.


8:52 AM - 22 Dec 12

On the New Year’s Day of this year, after the end of the Sakenosakana stream, Gen-san, momo-san and I got along superbly like a house on fire, talking about manga, anime and AV. And Yamaguchi-kun was smiling watching us hit it off. There was a great New Year’s kind of feeling. It was super fun.

Note: Kitazawa “momo” Hisashi - PV director (Sakanaction’s Identity, Endless, Yoru no Odoriko, etc)