Yuya’s character development


…Ahem, ok let’s start again:

Everyone that saw the cast list for next episode is aware that Reiji is returning right? Well, it got me thinking about Yuya’s status as “leader” during these last few episodes.

Not counting Gongenzaka, Yuya was the most reasonable person there, the problem being that nobody was listening to him, and while I understand that Reiji might have more presence as the leader I don’t want Yuya’s importance as the Heart of the group fade either.

And by importance as the Heart I want to say one of the few people that are able to make friends and allies along with Gongenzaka. I want him and Reiji being co-leaders.

Which brings me to another point, these last prison episodes and how they are very important, at least for Yuya’s character development.

Everyone is aware that Yuya failled to convert anyone to Egao before that point right? What contrasts a lot his failures and achievements is how he handled them.

With Isao, Sora and the Security he tried only to act fun and fool around, not getting into the core of the problem, which was why he failed.

Now with Tokumatsu, Tokumatsu was someone similar to Yuya, but that lost heart and tried to cheat out of desesperation agains the Top duelists, convinced that there was no way to ever defeat them, but Yuya challenged him, Tokumatsu that was the “Top” in prison and Yuya that could be considered as “Common”, not only Yuya managed to subvert it, he pulled the miracle and defeated him, he didn’t make it about him, he tried to incite Tokumatsu to accept his old self. I think it was beautifuly handled and it flowed really well.

Yuya is a very perceptive and empathic person, that’s his greatest trait, but another problem he has is that he has a tunnel vision and sometimes he might be literal minded.

Like Yusho’s and Yoko’s advice, I don’t think(at least how I saw it) he got what they meant.

In episode 6 we saw how unhealthy Yusho’s advice was for him, sure, he probably meant to him to not see only the negative things or else it will blind you for other things, but Yuya took it as bottling his feelings and forcing a smile on his face. Yoko spelt what she meant, but Yuya took it more as bringing Smiles to everyone like his father instead of Yoko hinting that he do have the ability to achieve what he wants.

The last one is difficult to explain and I apologize for not being really clear, but what I want to say is that instead of Yuya focusing in acting as a fool to make people laugh at him he should use his empathy to reach people’s heart and truly bring happiness to them.

I hope they don’t forget about these episodes, because I think that’s how Yuya supposed to bring everyone’s Smiles, and not counting the subtle but beautiful and possible development I thought there were other charming points about these episodes, namely Yuya PUTTING ODD-EYES ON THE SCALE ZONE SINCE EPISODE 2, Tokumatsu’s monsters that have beautiful artwork and Tokumatsu himself, another likeable side character, I fucking got “KOI KOI KOI!” stuck in my head.

Warriors of Love - WIP (random name)

Hi hi, it’s been a long time, fellows~ I was a little busy with school but now that I’m in holidays, I should have more time to draw! \owo/

And this is based on this photo~ I saw some people humanized them but I thought to make them as warriors so Koi is an Asian warrior (not sure if japanese or chinese for the moment) and Doggy is the witch doctor I did the concept weeks ago~ \owo/