I'm craving so much food!

I ate all my six meals today for my Kaiser weight loss program today, and I am full. But I am craving for more food!

It’s so good that there’s nothing in my house to eat except for my boyfriend’s own weight loss shakes, four eggs, and my own meals up until Tuesday. We get our next week’s food supply on Tuesday.

Today was probably the hardest day so far, as I went to Jo Koy’s comedy show with Anjelah Johnson and there was so much good food surrounding me! They had food trucks in the venue, and all the people sitting around me had tons of food! (Super French fries, stir fry, lumpia!) it was so hard but I stayed strong and stuck to my own meals.

Oh how i do miss regular food. Honestly though, I could eat my own bowl full of super fries! So I’m pretty happy with myself :)

Anyways, Jo Koy and Anjelah Johnson were super on point tonight! Straight fire 👌🏽🔥. Watched them at Thunder Valey Casino (Sacramento adjacent according to Mall Hall, their opener! Lol).

So happy, and now I can go to sleep.

Swimming in the Clouds I - by Dogman707

This a single image. I was in a Memorial Park at sunrsie today at the Crystal Shrine Grotto. The little pond there is filled with several large Koi. Well, the clouds were reflecting in the water and the fish could be seen through the clear water. It appears that they are swimming in the clouds.

Goldfish Ice Cube Mold

Create a world of sparkling icy fish with the goldfish ice cube mold. This mold lets you creates ice or candy that resemble Japanese koi — each scale and fin being more beautiful than the last. The realism means you can freak out your friends with goldfish in their drinks.

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karmahitme  asked:

So I just found your blog and I love your art! The way you draw doggos kind of reminds me of koi fish?? It's lovely and I'm really happy I stumbled upon you

o that is so interesting you say that! (i love love koi fish) thank you so much wow c’: <3

Get to know me

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Birthday - 24th of July

Gender - I identify as Male

Relationship Status - Single? with complications

Zodiac Sign -  Leo

Siblings -none 

Favourite colours - red, blue, black 

Pets - Snake, dog and koi fishes ( hope i wrote that right ) 

Wake up Times - 9-11 am most every day in the summer, when i have school 5am

Love or Lust - Love 

Lemonade or Iced Tea - Ice tea, im not a fan of lemonade 

Cats or Dogs - Dogs

Coke or Pepsi -  soda is soda idgaf

Day or Night - Night.

Text Or Call - Call

Met a celebrity - no

Light or dark hair? - dark 

Shorter or taller?- I don’t have a preference.

Chapsticks or Lipstick - none, i hate both 

City or Country - country.

Last song I listened to -  Major Lazer – Light it Up

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