koi scales


Making the scales *pop*
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It was a mistake. Kenma was supposed to be helping his fellow merfolk search for food, but instead he wanted to be alone. He thought that they could handle the search just fine without him, so he swam off. He didn’t know that there was going to be a bad storm rolling over their waters, or that it would cause him to get lost as it pulled him farther than he thought he was. Sensing that something was amiss he surfaced to see the dreadful storm, his eyes growing wide as he realized he’d messed up. Frantically he looked around him, not recognizing where he had ended up, and before he could act on what to do, a wave cracked down on the back of his head.

‘It was a mistake’, he thought as he tried hard to prop himself up, waking up on a sharp rocky bed somewhere on shore. He couldn’t move, and the water had tossed him to far onto dry land for him to try to crawl back to it. His beautiful koi patterned scales were scratched and his cool skin was bruised. Kenma looked around one final time as he felt himself slipping back into unconsciousness, catching a blurred image of a figure with bright hair some distance away. Reaching a webbed hand out to it before collapsing…


Daily art thing. Day 527.

30 min drawing. Koi fish and Koi dragon concept sketch, still something I want to get out of drawing such a pair. A discussion with @shinesketches got me inspired to try some more, thanks man!

Done with pencil (undersketch), kuretake brush pen, metallic posca pen (gold and silver), and fineliner for a bit of shading on the scales.