koi kidd


Ooooo, Basketball Wives is onnnn…

“For real, Dev? Basketball Wives?”
“Um…yes. Problem?”

“Bae. This show is straight trash. I don’t even see how you watch it. The hoes on here are ratchet as fuck and…”
“…And you wanna know how many fucks I give about your opinion?”

“Oh, so you bein’ cute right now?”
“None! There are no fucks to give! I had a hard day working for these no taste fuckers in Sunlit Tides. I’m tired and I wanna watch Basketball Wives.”
“But why you gotta watch it right now?”
*death stare*

“I’m getting ready to start dinner…”
“Ah shit. Hey Dev?! The show’s actually not that bad!”
*indecipherable grumbling*