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Kaldur manages to convince Roy for the first 5 months of their friendship that they dont eat fish out of respect for them. “In Atlantis, it is against common courtesy to eat sentient beings weaker than ourselves. If we wish to feast on those who breathe, we must beat them in a show of brawns.”

It isn’t until they forget that theyre supposed to be playing him and takes a huge bite out of his fish taco that he realizes that the warrior he thought was stoic and never humorous had been fucking with him that whole time.

tenka twitter memes




Referencing the #onadatewithmygirlfriendnow hashtag that has exploded recently on Twitter. I have been seeing Hashimoto Kanna’s tweet everywhere lol. She is super cute in that picture though. Basically girls tweet pictures of themselves in a date-type situation, and give permission to their followers/viewers to use those pics and pretend that they’re on a date together.

Prideshipping on Location - Garden Groove

So today was another beautiful day, and I decided to bust out Yami and Kaiba and go on another photoshoot - this time closer to home. More like … in the garden.

Click to see the photoshoot, as it’s a pretty long one!

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Tsukiuta. [Harukaze To Hibari] Satsuki Aoi & Nagatsuki Yoru Mini Drama Translation.

Finally done!!! Sorry for taking so much time until I got it done. School was giving me work to do at home. There was also some personal feelings that was getting in the way and I was unable to focus while translating ;;__;; Since I know that October will be hell for me when to comes to translating so I ended up think that it’s a bad idea to let this drama CD wait any longer. So here it is! Please enjoy ^^

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i was talking to my good pal @ragtiming about a shepherd au where everyone takes care of their own herd of animals, and i thought yamamura would like to have a koi pond. cuz, you know, the impurity drove him mad, and koi are calm and beautiful. unlike vermin. and you can drop certain vermin IN the ponds and the koi will eat them. he loves them very dearly and probably names them secretly. get him to talk about them enough and he might tell you their names.

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Well we learned that the Husky is probably actually Austin's dog... Joe is back in London and just today was announced to be starring in a new film with Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan. Taylor is MIA as usual lol.

i can’t believe we already imagined Husky and Meredith playing together and Husk trying to eat the koi fish LMAO i’m so disappointed with this new info 

can you imagine torin, once fully accepting and adoring cinder, tells her, daily, multiple dumb things Kai has done as a child or even his childhood secrets.
“Just so you know, Kai has always had a thing for Princess Selene, since he was a kid. He was CONVINCED that he and her were to end up together, even though it was commonly thought she was dead.”
“Kai had tea parties, and I was his special human guest around his stuffed animals.”
“He once cried because he realized he loved his family so much, isn’t that something Kai would do?”
“Kai cried once because his koi fish couldn’t eat PB & J, he was upset for a week.”
“He and his father are much more alike than you would expect - they would often gossip about the Earthen Union’s much more likely than you’d expect.“

And cinder’s personal favorite: "He loves you, Cinder, but he’s afraid you leave him again. He doesn’t want to lose you again. ”