kohrs bros

Mexican Cake (Westbrook)

Brewery : Westbrook
Beer : Mexican Cake
Style : Imperial Stout / Stout
Variance : Aged on Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Cinnamon Sticks, and Fresh Habanero Peppers

9 / 10

Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall! No, I’m not talking about a wall at the Mexican border you silly bastard, I’m talking about a wall around the white house so I can secure more of this Mexican Cake immediately! I’ve been dying to get my hands on this beer since I heard about it and the hype surrounding it has been thicker than Tom Selleck’s mustache but I assure you that this lives up to the hype and exceeds it by far and I am loving it. A lovely mix of chocolate and vanilla start things off tasting like a swirl ice cream cone from Kohr’s Bros. (NJ where you at?!) before some delicious cinnamon flavor mixes in with some borderline coffee flavor and smoke all while leading up to a fantastic mild habanero burn with more creamy vanilla chocolate ice cream flavor to close. I am absolutely fucking thrilled that NJ finally wised up and decided to start distributing Westbrook because I would have been pissed if I never got the opportunity to try this bad boy out. Oh, and for some reason every time I think about the name Mexican Cake I instantly think of cake farts where it’s just some big booty hoe farting on chocolate frosted cake like it’s nobody’s business. If you are a stout lover or just a fan of fantastic craft beer, make sure you pick this up because even though there are a lot of copy cats out there, this one blows those away and reigns supreme like a fucking boss. If this is your first imperial stout make sure you drink up because this is a great way to get into some of the heavier contenders out there (10.5% ABV) due to it’s amazing additions and masterful use of them. As for you bastards, you’ve probably already tasted this because I’m way behind on the times but if you haven’t, get the HELL out there and find it ASAP because you NEED to drink this beer. CAPS LOCK!

Written by: Steve B.