last full day in Hawaii.

we drove a full circle around the island. todays adventures included:

  • spam at mcdonalds
  • a legit HOLE for a toilet (no flushing included)
  • an explicit cd made for mom mehau in the car
  • met mom #1 (Eve) and lots of dogs
  • zoo with no tiger :/ but had a WWJD bench
  • LAVA TUBE (people cut in front of us to take pictures)
  • VOLCANO! or at least evidence of the REAL DEAL
  • cliff hangs and selfies
  • singing songs 
  • MEOW
  • the wonderful working flashlight
  • Zippys (not ziggys, apparently)
  • Coffee at 8PM
  • lots of laughs (with no sound)

today was perfect. thank you best friend for showing me what love love is all about. i’m happy we are back. <3 forever and ALWAYS. #gaygaygay