Scandal, Maybe? Anonymous Just Released The Names Of All The People Who Worked At Kohl’s In 2003

The hacktivist network Anonymous sent shockwaves around the internet this morning with its latest announcement, which in theory, could have wide-ranging implications, but honestly, it’s pretty tough to tell: At 8 a.m. EST, Anonymous released the names of all the people who worked at Kohl’s in 2003.

Well, this is officially bad for the department store chain, probably.

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Recent Outfit with Old Favorites and New Finds

An outfit you’ve seen before with mostly new accessories, including a new haircut (I don’t much like it, which means I can wear hats more) and an obvious psoriasis spot on my hand (I do have what they term on the TV commercials for Humera as “moderate plaque psoriasis).  If you can tell I have a read face, it is from light therapy for my plaque psoriasis.

Hat - Brown Hats in the Belfry Hat with feather in the hatband, from thrift

Earrings - Silver hoops from I don’t remember  

Shirt - Brown Oak Hill button down shirt with herringbone detail, from Casual Male XL

Tie - Brown, grey and white striped wool Wembley tie, from thrift

Tie Bar - Silver with green stone, from thrift

Silver bracelet, silver ring, and tiger’s eye ring - from my mom’s jewelry collection, passed down

Watch - Silver Bulova watch from Kohl’s

Jeans - True Nation relaxed-fit from Casual Male XL

Shoes - Tan/brown Sonoma brogues from Kohl’s


Startorialist Kristen Fredriksen (aka @thefinenailfrontier) shared this Kohl’s find with us on twitter last week, and it led me down a rabbit hole of epic Moon t-shirts, very apropos for this week! They’re all from the Juniors’ section so the sizing is on the tiny size, but they’re all on sale.

From top to bottom:

Give me Some Space blue tee

I love you to the Moon phases tee

Rainbow Moon phases on gray tee

Rainbow Moon phases on black tank top

Chase the Moon blue tank top

Slightly Illuminati Moon phase tank top

Fly me to the Moon pastel tee–Emily

Okay, kids, important things are happening.

1. Kohl’s is having a special, in store only sale on their clearance merchandise storewide. Take an additional 20% off at the register, no coupon necessary. That sale runs through August 29th. Most of the clearance items are up to 70-90% off already, and you’ll get 20% off that. So if the ticketed clearance price is $10, the new sale price will be $8.

2. Through Sunday, Kohl’s also has a 15% off pass good storewide (find it online to print or show on your phone here: http://www.kohlscorporation.com/ecom/windows/2010_MayUpdate/PrintPass/_2015/20150807-bts-print-pass/20150807-bts-print-pass-desktop-8130.htm) that INCLUDES CLEARANCE ITEMS. The 15% will come off the new sale price, so take that clearance price of $10, take off 20% (now $8), and then take 15% off that, making it $6.80.

These aren’t chintzy items that look cheap. There are lots of dresses, shirts, pants, shoes, sweaters, you name it. Nice stuff, too–I picked up two really nice sweaters, a super cute cardigan, and a nice button down shirt with ladybugs on it. All nice for work, and really good quality. AND LOOK HOW MUCH I PAID FOR IT!

So if you’re needing nicer clothes for school, or maybe some new work pants or something, this weekend is the time to do it!

Anyhow, I just thought you guys might want to know. Have a good weekend, y'all!