Walked again today, only I couldn’t wake up early enough to do it in the morning so I had to walk/jog after class when it was like 80° out. After I ahd some delicious tuna with Ken’s Red Wine Vinegarette (lite) dressing and it was sooo good. I was surprised how much I liked it. And I’m still way under points for today.

I also got my new workout clothes from Kohl’s online and they are super comfy and actually fit! I got 5 pairs of workout capris, two sports bras, and a workout shirt for only $100 (legit the cheapest from the 4 stores I compared) and got 9% back from Ebates.

Today has been a pretty good day.


Kohl’s Racine Wisconsin Night by Heather David
Via Flickr:
Architects: Jordan Miller and George Waltz

Lorac Cosmetics Holidays 2016 Collection!!

Look at the Mega Pro 3! 😍

In stores October 2nd!

Online at ULTA and Kohl’s at the end of this month.