The Signs as Beautiful French Words

pron = pronunciation
m = meaning

Aries - Bisou
pron: [bee-zoo]
m: kiss

Taurus - Chuchoter
pron: [shu-sho-tey]
m: to whisper

Gemini - Folie
pron: [fohl-lee]
m: madness

Cancer - Effleurer
pron: [ey-fluhr-ey]
m: to touch lightly

Leo - Inoubliable
pron: [in-oo-blee-yah-ble]
m: unforgettable

Virgo - Peaufiner
pron: [poh-fee-ney]
m: to refine

Libra - Tournesol
pron: [toor-nuh-sohl]
m: sunflower

Scorpio - Libellule
pron: [lee-bel-loohl]
m: dragonfly

Sagittarius - Éphémère
pron: [ey-fehm-mair]
m: ephemeral

Capricorn - Coquelicot
pron: [kohk-lee-ko]
m: poppy

Aquarius - Brindille
pron: [bran-dee-ye]
m: twig

Pisces - Parapluie
pron: [par-a-ploo-wee]
m: umbrella

what kills me the most is knowing that we will have to wait at least two years before we get a post-elevator “forehead touching™ ” Kastle scene. we’re left hanging as we see a TEARFUL departure, but definitely not a goodbye. the possibility of an after, but not right now.

[Photo] Key’s Instagram Update 150429 - Please do not slip (1P)

‘ 샤이니 키 근황공개 “여러분 비가 많이오니 미끄러지지 마세요 하하” 라며 너스레를 떨기도 #kud #kohk

SHINee Key’s recent update “Everyone its raining very heavily, please do not slip haha” by him, you’re constrained and also trembling

Credit: bumkeyk
English Trans: Forever_SHINee[5]