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under the starry sky (sample song)
Kohiyama Yuuto (C.V. Ono Knesho)
under the starry sky (sample song)

Sample song of under the starry sky!! (。´∀`)ノ

My first reaction was, HOOOOOLLLLLYYYY WOOAAHH!!!! THIS IS MY TYPE OF SONG!!! Oh wow the feels!!! ;A; Because Yuuto goes to Seigetsu Gakuen, the same school in Starry Sky. Because this has the same composer as the starry sky songs and this song has that “starry” feel to it so…. GYAAA STARRY SKY FEEEEEEELS!!!! Plus the fact that Kensho sings this!!!! ARGGG NOOOO!!!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

under the starry sky (Lyrics/Translation)

Uwaa… it’s been a while since I’ve translated something. - w - This song is kinda hard to translate but I tried my best!

This song is just so sad!! Like it’s a song of regrets and it just saddens me. But it’s beautiful this way!!! Oh god the starry sky feels!!!! ;A;

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I don’t mind you using it, but please do credit. :D

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