Please welcome our ninth guest artist, @kohichapeau

You can see Kohi’s art here. Kohi has done stunning art for YOI, with a mature style, an amazing use of color, and one of the most handsome Yuuris I’ve ever seen. 

We’ll have a couple more guest announcements in the next several days, but in the meantime, remember that applications are now open for both authors and artists!! They close on 10/4 at midnight, and we hope to see you there.

Whaaaaaaaaaa when did this happen? Thanks everyone for following me, to celebrate, let’s hold a raffle!

To enter just, like or reblog this post, and you must be a follower, I will check! The winner will be announced three weeks from now on September 14th and will mark the first day that I open a few slots for commissions!!! Good luck and thanks again! 

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So I’ve always had a hard time differentiating between which curve was a sine wave or a cosine wave and it’s really managed to fuck me up in terms of how I calculate their functional values of x because I get them backwards so much

And today I thought of a really handy visual way to tell which wave is which

This is going to save my ass so much


I need to edit this image:

External image

To look like this:

External image

And then make an alternate version

Of her with a serpent tail like this:

External image

Cause of this: