What Korra likes most about the Spirit World is how alive it makes her feel; she’s got her heart fluttering so fast in her chest she feels like she might actually start to laugh, or fly, or both. The air is clean–sweet even, and the water sounds so absolutely beautiful here that the ripples almost sound like a choir. But the most amazing thing about this world, she thinks, as she outstretches a hand to feel the warmth on her fingertips, is that her spirit brings out the sun and—-she’s never gazed at a star in such awe before—and wow…

She has never felt so light and unabashedly special.

“… ~” With a hum rumbling in the back of her throat, to aid the harmonious ‘voice’ of the water, Avatar Korra follows the flow of the river, and walks contentedly alongside the bank until reaching the lake. From there, there are spirits resting beneath the shade of a willow tree, others basking in the sun. But, a larger spirit, off to the side, in the grass, presses a pain in her chest the closer she gets to it and when the distance is closed, she finds herself standing beside a dragon.

“What’s wrong?” Korra asks, kneeling down to rest a hand against smooth scales, “–Maybe I can help you.”