kohaku river


Haku, I’ve just remembered something. I think it might help you…when I was little, I dropped my shoe into a river. When I tried to get it back, I fell in. I thought I would drown, but the river carried me to shore. The river’s name was the Kohaku River. I think that was you! And your real name is Kohaku River!


“Haku, listen. I just remembered something from a long time ago, I think it may help you. Once, when I was little, I dropped my shoe into a river. When I tried to get it back I fell in. I thought I’d drown but the water carried me to shore. It finally came back to me. The river’s name was the Kohaku river. I think that was you, and your real name is Kohaku river.” 

- Chihiro Ogino 千と千尋の神隠しSpirited Away (2001)


Listen, Haku. I don’t remember it, but my mom told me… Once, when I was little, I fell into a river. She said they’d drained it and built things on top. But I’ve just remembered. The river was called… Its name was the Kohaku River. Your real name is Kohaku.

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Additional Korok Seed Locations

900 Korok seeds have been identified by players of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Thing is, there are actually 909 seeds in the game. Here are the 9 most secret Korok seeds that gamers have so far overlooked:

  • In Hestu’s Leaves: One of Hestu’s coveted seeds ended up under his “hat” of leaves. Climb him to find it.
  • Under Impa: If you simply walk up to Impa and pick her up like a jar or barrel, you will find a Korok seed where she sits.
  • Behind the “H” in the Hyrule sign: A few clever players have found this one as soon as they spotted the subtle nod to the big Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Glide down past the hill it’s on to find a seed.
  • Behind Your Ear: Find the Magician near the Kohaku River and pay him to perform at your birthday party. He’ll pull a Korok seed out from behind your ear.
  • In The Loincloth of a Hinox: Don’t kill the Hinox on Eventide Island before you check inside its loincloth. You may be afraid of what you’ll see at first, but thankfully it’s just a Korok seed.
  • Under Ganon’s Toenail: You can only find this Korok seed during the final battle. Once Ganon’s true form is revealed, check under his toenail. Among all the sock lint you’ll find this seed. The lint can be used in cooking elixirs.
  • Solve Professor Layton’s Puzzle: If you can find this Nintendo crossover cameo, equip the Master Sword and it will remind him of a puzzle. Solve it for a Korok seed. Hint: The llama can’t leave its paddock until the bear is in the cave.
  • 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney: Speak to P. Sherman and place a pebble in his fish tank filter. When he empties it to clean it and install a new filter, you can find the Korok seed hidden inside, along with several exotic fish that you can cook.
  • At the Tip of the Washington Monument: The hardest seed to find isn’t in the game, but in the real world at the top of the Washington Monument in the capitol of the United States. Be sure to have a lot of stamina built up and plenty of food before you scale the monument. It’s a hard climb and you’ll likely be arrested for trying, but it will be worth it when you find that coveted final Korok!


[Paint Tool SAI]

Digital revision of the drawing I did of Haku a few months ago.

This is my first thing I’ve done using Paint Tool SAI, it was a learning experience. I think the most important lesson I learned here was to pick easier practice pieces. I’m still pretty proud of how it came out.