koh concepts

..Presenting a special character reveal..


“Dragon Elder of the Sky Mountain Clan”

A very wise and soft-spoken old wyrm, Mistbeard is the Dragon Elder of the Sky Mountain clan and has been a mentor to Koh and a handful of other young dragons that potentially fit the ancient prophecy. He has a seemingly endless reserve of knowledge, but is prone to dozing off mid-lecture whenever the afternoon sunlight hits just right through the shuttered windows and dusty shelves of the Scrollery.

That’s the update for this week, everyone! Aren’t you all excited to see his design move on from the 2D concept stage? Because I certainly am! Also, Mistbeard is going to be next dragon character to be put through my 3D modelling process, so be sure to look forward to that.


Thanks Lamarr for reviewing and thoroughly enjoying our KöH Magenta Lamp! You’re awesome!

concept: season 33 of survivor has only one cast member, none other than third-time returnee and badass cop-hating lawyer “chaos kass” mcquillen. she competes against herself for immunity every week, must compete for rewards, strategizes with herself, talks to jeff about herself for 10 minutes at tribal, and casts the sole vote to eliminate herself every episode before casting the sole vote for herself to win a million dollars on finale night.


Single title song ‘PARTY’ is a dance song that is well-suited for summer. MV was filmed in Koh Samui in Thailand. Concept is ‘summer SoShi’. Single 'Party’ will be released first as a single with 2 songs : Party and Check,then full-album with title songs “Lion Heart” and “You think”

Next in the series of enemy design features: the nimble Snatcher!

Few can match the speed of these light-fingered specialists, whom have skittered away with some of the most treasured artifacts in the realms. Masters of evasion and confident in their abilities, the Snatcher can turn on a dime to lead their pursuer on a mad dash across all sorts of terrain — the speedy white cubes seen in the second alpha gameplay video represent this enemy unit. Suited up for agility and not defense, one hit will suffice to take down these tricksters, causing them to drop their precious bounty.

All units in this preview series so far:
Charger | Snatcher