The Indivisble crowdfunding campaign has passed $1.2 million and are well on our way to $1.25! We’re also at nearly 20,000 backers!

We’ve got 5 days yet to go, and we can definitely do this with your support!

And of course, here’s a new Incarnation reveal! Feast your eyes on…


His entire life, Kogi has been entranced by the artistry of cooking: succulent meats, fine stews, the exquisite balancing of subtle spices. Ever since childhood, becoming a master chef was the subject of his every daydream - the perfect savory marinade for the sliced beef of his existence.

But it seemed cooking was not to be Kogi’s fate. Born into a proud warrior family, duty required he be brought up a fighter. Yet even as he tirelessly trained, mastering the fierce strikes and developing the unyielding stamina required to triumph in battle, he quietly dreamt of applying those same skills in the kitchen.

Finally, his training completed and unable to lie to himself any longer, Kogi chose to follow his heart. With only his homemade cleaver, indestructible wok, and a garlic necklace to ward off spirits, he abandoned his family to pursue his true calling. Now a vagabond chef who applies the intense techniques of battle to cooking - with mixed results - Kogi continues his Flavor Quest: a globe-spanning journey to seek out and challenge the finest chefs and discover new tastes.

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All the touken ranbu bookmarks my incredible 13 year old sister has made so far! (IKR…wtf)

It’s hard to believe we’re related when I’m such a spazz and she’s….godly *A*


WE’RE BACK! And we’ve got a recipe that sort of brings cheese week to a close, more or less. We made a TON of grilled cheese sandwiches while we still had all that cheese to work through, and when I found this recipe on CookingClassy I new I’d found a perfect compliment!

Currypan the Kogi loves to make soup, so I was more than happy to have him be our guest chef for this recipe. He’s a creation of @uguubear! Her store is under maintenance. 

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