Hina, the manga artist who drew a lot of cute things including the DiGi Charat Piyoko anthology above, has passed away. I haven’t really thought about her recently, but it still came as a bit of a shock.
She was, actually, one of my favourite artists back in my fledgling anime fan days and her work is always incredibly nostalgic to me. (I remember really liking Chima Chima Puppet as well as her DiGi Charat work.) I used to try to emulate her style a lot, too - a lot of my art from the early 00s is really obviously influenced by both her and Koge Donbo.

It’s a strange feeling to be reminded of her because of this. Rest in peace.

Hey, mænds overkroppe er også hammer seksualiseret. Det er ligeså lidt okay, som at kvinders bryster er. Alligevel er det helt normalt at mænd går rundt i bar overkrop i varmen, mens vi skal koge i en klaustrofobisk BH og en top, fordi brysterne heller ikke må bevæge sig eller vise nipples. Halleluja.

Wlasnie przemyslalam duzo rzeczy i powiedzialam sobie, ze musze zaczac sie usmiechac jesli chce go odzyskac. Tak kocham go strasznie mocno i nie moge o nim kompletnie zapomniec. Ciagle slucham piosenki, ktora razem sluchalismy, przy ktorej placze ciagle. Tesknie za naszymi rozmowami, za tym jak mowil do mnie ksiezniczko, jak mowil ze mnie kocha, jak mialo byc cudnie. Strasznie zaluje ze tak wlasnie sie stalo, ze nasze drogi sie rozeszly, on jest dla mnie jak tlen, bez niego nie koge oddychac. 😭🔫

3Novices:National › 11 children stung by wasps in Fukuoka Pref

3Novices:National › 11 children stung by wasps in Fukuoka Pref

Eleven children were stung by wasps while walking in a wooded area in Koge, Fukuoka Prefecture, on Sunday.

According to police, the children were part of a group of boy scouts who were on a nature walk when the wasps attacked them at around 7:30 a.m., Fuji TV reported. None…
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