Man, you know how people say that Keith always wants to start fights and that he never smiles, that he wears fingerless gloves and has the whole dramatic moody emo look going on.

This is also the same person who said “good kitty” to his lion when he first flew her. This is the same dude who was clearly terrified of people leaving him (Pidge saying she was leaving and Hologram Shiro leaving him). Sure he needs alone time for himself, but he also enjoys being with the others, even if at times he doesn’t 100% know how to react to stuff. Keith joked with Hunk (once he was comfortable enough with him). Keith defended Pidge in the food fight when Allura threw goop at her “Go loose Pidge!”. He participated in the snow ball fight, hell, he basically initiated it. He let that arusian hug him, even when he said it wasn’t his thing “but man, you are cuddly”. He shows concern for Lance and Shiro being in the healing pods.

He trusts some random, weird vibes he gets out in the desert and follows his gut. And it’s not some conspiracy, half assed thing. The board he made, he knew what he was doing. It’s all marked and measured and he probably scouted out looking at those (alien) lion markings, successfully translating something from them. If Shiro is down for the count in a fight Keith, without missing a beat, takes charge. Black trusts him to fly her. He likes the quiet forest, it’s peaceful. He gives up finding out about his past (something for years that has been on his mind) to save the universe.

I didn’t mean for this to be so long, whoops. I just really really love Keith…. He would take a bullet for anyone on his team I swear.

You know once upon a time - like 15 years ago - I told @bananainpajamas he was like a brother to me.

10 years later and we went to senior prom together. We started going out.

5 years later and we’re set on getting married.

I felt compelled to share this because the whole “you’re like a brother to me” does not friendzone, sonzone, brozone, or any kind of fucking zone doesn’t mean it’ll always be like that.

Love is unexpected. That’s what makes it amazing.