I never see any written klance relationships where the two of them know one another’s sexual preference before they actually fall in love with them, so I decided to do it myself in a comic since I can’t write for shit.

And so a friendship is born.


Wow, super long, but worth it. I just really like the idea of them falling in love gradually rather than just, “You like guys, I like guys, let’s get together.” I hope you guys enjoy this slow burn!

  • Keith: When straight people assume I'm one of them I feel like a gay secret agent
  • Pidge: lesbionage
  • Lance: bi spy
  • Shiro: it's an ace case
  • Allura: secret gaygent
  • Hunk: pan with a plan

Ao Dai sheith for Vee for a secret art exchange on twitter <3

the Ao dai is a little bit shorter than the traditional one tho >.<