kogan shipper

At this point I am so disappointed with the voltron fandom

Guys, we’re so lucky you don’t have an idea
There’s other fandoms that are on hiatus for YEARS
We just get an entire season in one day and some of us are still whining because of shipping. Like ARE YOU SERIOUS?

-The galra!Keith theory was confirmed
-Shiro is missing
-Voltron was built by Alfor AND Zarcon as an alliance
-There’s a prince Lotor, who we don’t know is less or more dangerous than Zarcon
-Haggar is Altean or part Altean
-Matt is alive

That’s the stuff we should be talking about

headcanon -

that when lance took over red she would contantly chatter to him about keith and be so fucking obvious

and lance would go super red cause sh it just like her original paladin, she was blunt as fuck

- “keith likes your smile, that’s why he tripped that one time”

- “keith came to me one time almost crying because you took of your shirt during training and he almost passed out”

- “keith always came to me after you flirted with allura, and it was honestly the angriest i’ve ever seen him”

and when lance confronts keith about all these things poor keef just. loses it and goes redder than his armor as he shrieks at the top of his lungs

bonus: allura is facing the same problem with blue, only blue is contantly ranting about how keith and lance were made for each other and “why aren’t they mates already i don’t understand”

even m o re bonus: when keith and lance have their first kiss the castle literally shakes as both red and blue roar and practically dance around each other

me: It is impossible for sheith to become cuter than that.

VLD and staff:

Ninja mullet finds his true love

it’s good to have you back/ it’s good to be back

he desperately wants see you

Shiro loves you, baby

he is looking at Keith

it’s killing me when you’re away

Shiro is the one person who never gave up on me. i won’t give up on him


  • Other voltron fans: Lance can pilot red because of his bond with Keith!
  • Me: Lance can pilot Red because he was worthy of it all on his own, and shouldn't be reduced to a secondary character who's only significance is being the love interest to another. He should be recognized as his own character too, with his own unique qualities that make him just as capable of Piloting Red. He is on equal standing with Keith not beneath him.

My second Voltron tsum tsum, Keith looking all tsun tsun! (I make myself laugh). I’m getting better at the pattern, but I still hate felt with every fiber of my being. At least felt on this small of a scale. 

Dear Kallura fans

I don’t ship Kallura at all, but yanno what? yall dont deserve to be assaulted or suicide baited.

I stand with you guys. You have my support. 

Love, a hardcore klance shipper + gay keith headcanon holder who knows how to respect other people


VLD Kallura “So Bad”

For the Kallura shippers, who are working hard to stay a ray of sunshine in the Voltron fandom. I hope you enjoy!