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At this point I am so disappointed with the voltron fandom

Guys, we’re so lucky you don’t have an idea
There’s other fandoms that are on hiatus for YEARS
We just get an entire season in one day and some of us are still whining because of shipping. Like ARE YOU SERIOUS?

-The galra!Keith theory was confirmed
-Shiro is missing
-Voltron was built by Alfor AND Zarcon as an alliance
-There’s a prince Lotor, who we don’t know is less or more dangerous than Zarcon
-Haggar is Altean or part Altean
-Matt is alive

That’s the stuff we should be talking about

Klance shipper positivity

So like if you’re a major Klance shipper but you dont bully the other ships and are really actually friendly with them I’d like you to know that I love you and that you are a good human being. You represent this ship’s friendlier and more positive side. You are one of the peeps that still gives me hope to ship this ship albeit all the drama that comes from it :’)


Shiro: “Almost done, just a bit more off the top.”

Keith: “Take your time…”

Keith why you blushing to much?? OOOOHHHHHHH I found something new! haha your hair… Oh…Shiro got the booty!!!!!!! 

Sheith Week Day 4: Flashback/ Reality

The color and grey scale (for more of a memory feel) 

Art © @lilcinnamonrollmama Keith Kogane © voltron LD, Netflix, DreamWorks Takashi Shirogane © Voltron LD, Netflix, DreamWorks

ironically when allura was being “racist” keith never judged her or got angry or invalidated her feelings, because keith knows that she just lost her entire planet and people, save for coran, to the galra 

he knows that she’s obviously not going to be okay with him suddenly being part of the race that did that, and while he feels sad he understands her, so he doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t scold her, he doesn’t justify that he had nothing to do with that, he allows her to work out those feelings on her own and in the end it’s ALLURA who works out that she was wrong to judge him and he welcomes her with open arms

and that says a lot more than your bitch asses saying she was “racist” and i honestly hope every single one of you gets the richard spencer treatment (someone actually compared her to drumpf, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU GODDAMN FUCKERS!)

Keith is tired of all the Shiro hate. He is also tired of all the people classifying him as a child. He is the age of an adult.

Sheith Week 2016

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Hey everyone Sheith week is on it’s way!!!!!!

The Dates will be  
October 22 - October 29

Each day will have two themes and you can choices to do one or both if you like, You can do any form of art you want for that theme of the day (art, fanfics, Mixtapes, Gifs, video and ect) The 28 of October will be a Free day/ list meaning you can feel free to do whatever theme you like or the List will be there to help you if you can’t think of a theme. (list will be uploaded later)

Day 1 (22) Hurt/Comfort
Day 2 (23) Together/Alone
Day 3 (24) Fight me/Love me
Day 4 (25) Flashback/Reality
Day 5 (26) Training/Playful
Day 6 (27) Galra Keith/ Dark Shiro
Day 7 (28) Free day/List

Rules are simple

Just tag your work with Sheithweek2k16
You must tag all nsfw work for the comfort of others.
Reposting will get you in trouble
And Please no Sheith hate

Now, I know the Dates seem far but I didn’t want the Voltron fandom to feel rushed with all the other events this fandom has going on. I want as many people to be able to join us on Sheithweek2k16 even if you ship klance or any other ship,you are welcome to ship sheith as well.

also the reason Shieth week will start on October 22 is because 10/22 is when the first picture of the Kerberos moon was released to the public by NASA.

TheList ) here is the link to the list

Thank you to the people who helped with the themes and dates

@rainfelll @my-one-love-is-music @chihuahuarocks

If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask. I will be updating when i can.